Letter: Mohamed’s Enterprise is multifaceted

Businessman Nazar "Shell" Mohamed

Dear Editor,

It is a really painful thing when I see certain particular elements making some of the most ludicrous remarks, condemnation and critiques against the Government of the people and our President, His Excellency Dr Irfaan Ali.

It would appear that just because people have this access to social media, and now also more and more to the various print and electronic media, they would try to humiliate a company that is historic, iconic, dynamic, and most humane.
Mohamed’s Enterprise and its chief/founder, brother Nazar Mohamed, also called Shell, are trailblazers! These Enterprise have, for decades, been involved in a variety of businesses, being associated with gold mining; gold processing; minerals’ investing and export of valuable minerals; property management; administration; investments; construction, etc.

Many Guyanese, especially the politically lost ones; the bitter, the jealous entrepreneurs and also failures, who can do nothing nowhere, display contempt and disrespect to those with zeal, skills and vision. These kinds of people are known to make remarks to break the will of visionaries, entrepreneurs and investors. It must be known that Guyana needs “Shell” Mohamed and others – who will take risks economically and financially to develop this nation, create opportunities, employ hundreds directly and thousands indirectly. These are the same kinds of visionaries and investors who are the backbone of the payment of taxes in keeping this nation afloat.

Now let’s talk about construction. Enterprise means any form of endeavour in industry and business one can be involved in. Enterprise has nothing to do with gold mining, or gold export or gold purchase. It stands for varied styles of investments and industries. It could be for farming of agricultural products and animals. It could refer to trawlers for fishing, and even to the shipping industry. That is for those who do not seem to understand the word enterprise.

Brother Shell Mohamed is known to be a wholesaler and retailer of electronic equipment, household equipment, clothing, and other such things. In this same way, he is known for constructing buildings for rental to businesses and individuals and corporations. He is known to have constructed his own Lombard Street edifice. The building was gutted by fire and reconstructed by him.

Nazar Mohamed was even involved in constructing two buildings for me in Atlantic Gardens; they are buildings of quality, class and style. He was just involved in creating a major stockyard For ExxonMobil, and is yet a major partner in the construction and investment of waterfront development in Region Three and so much more.

It pains me also to see that as soon as a Muslim acquires a contract, certain persons in society go on social media, and even in the print media, to mock our President, His Excellency Dr Irfaan Ali, or to throw their remarks at him.

Let us give praise and thanks to God that, after five years of misery, pain and degradation, we now have a true bastion of democracy in Guyana. The Government of the people, by the people, for the people, and recognised by the entire world. This is a great fortune and a blessing unto us. Let us not curse our blessing, friends and family, ladies and gentlemen of our great beautiful Guyana.

Roshan Khan Sr