Man injured in Kwakwani accident may lose sight – wife demands justice



Sharon Leacock Daniels, the wife of Sherwin Daniels, a logger of Kwakwani Waterfront Road, who was involved in an accident on November 8, 2021 at Kwakwani, Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice), is pleading with the authorities for justice.

The woman alleged that herself and husband were informed by ranks of the Kwakwani Police Station that despite him being seriously injured, he would be charged for dangerous driving and for being an unlicensed driver.

The accident, which occurred on November 8 about 17:30h, involved motor car PJJ 1613, driven by Delmus McPherson, and motorcycle CH 3714, ridden by Daniels, who was at the time proceeding south along the Kwakwani Waterfront Road. It is alleged that Daniels was hit by the motor car, which was on the eastern side of the road.

According to reports, there was a white canter parked in front of motor car PJJ 1613, where the owner resides. It was reported that McPherson drove around the canter, making his way unto the main road, which resulted in him hitting Daniels off of his motorcycle.

Sharon Leacock-Daniels

The injured man’s wife, Sharon, during a recent interview, detailed that on the day of the accident, “I reach home like about 17:10h and I find my husband about to cook, so he put on his pot and he walk through the gate and he said ‘Sharon, don’t trouble the pot, ah mekking a spin quick’; that he going and get a phone card and by the time he ride out from he yard, three houses away, all I hear is everybody started to holler, so I run out; when I run out, is only to see my husband on the ground; blood all over and everybody screaming.”

She recalled that she rushed to her husband’s aid, but he was unresponsive at first and then he started shouting, Sher, I’m right here”, he said, ‘way you deh, I can’t see you’. I said ‘I’m right here’, he raised his hands and I told him I am right here.”

According to her, persons in the area started to assist to get transport to have him taken to the hospital.

She said there was a confrontation with the driver of the car that hit her husband at the scene of the accident.

According to the woman, her husband was transferred to the Linden Hospital Complex and was later referred to Georgetown Public Hospital as a result of the severity of his injuries. He suffered injuries to his left leg and has undergone surgery for his left eye. She said that she was unsure if he would see again from that eye as the doctors informed her that the surgery was unsuccessful.

The woman claimed that the driver was never arrested, “I don’t know about no arresting because the next morning people still see him walking and going about his business as normal.”

The injured man’s motorcycle was lodged at the Police Station, meanwhile, the motor car was released to its owner.

“That is what is hurting me: we are human too, just how you want good for yourself, you could have come and talk to us, because it is we suffering, nobody else and suffering. A car get damage and that’s it; a car was not in the hospital; a car cannot eat from a straw; you don’t have to … take him to the bathroom to bathe, change his clothes on the bed sometimes, bring a bed pan for him and only to know now that he is being charged for dangerous driving,” the upset wife said.

The woman claimed that the car is not owned by the driver, but rather a Police Officer.

She alleged that the rank who owns the car offered $200,000 to settle the matter, but they refused and were bluntly told, “if you don’t want to take this, you will have to go to court and get nothing”.

This publication has since verified that the owner of the car is indeed a policewoman. However, when contacted, she said she was informed by her superiors that the matter would be before the courts and both men would be charged.

The man was scheduled to undergo another surgery on December 1 for the eye, but that has been rescheduled for December 21.
Daniels and McPherson are to make their first court appearance on December 6.