LETTER: Mismanagement of our resources has shattered our dreams for a prosperous Guyana


Dear Editor,

Being born in a land teeming with resources, I have always dreamt that Guyana would one day be a prosperous nation. However, the mismanagement of these resources by our leaders has not only threatened to shatter my dreams, but the dreams of many others.

As a concerned citizen, I write to inform our Government and people about the basis of a successful Guyana. I believe that success is the accomplishment of one’s goals. This means that one sets a goal, and works towards achieving that goal. So I must ask: what are the goals of our Government? What are they hoping to achieve?

It is crucial to have a strategy, and plan in advance the development of an economy. Therefore, I submit that educating the citizens, creating a healthy society, and attracting investors must be undertaken if Guyana is to be a successful country.

Firstly, it is imperative to evaluate the need of education. A Government that is endowed with intelligent and understanding people has the potential to succeed. This means that Government should channel its resources to the youth. This can be achieved by providing more educators and education centres for different age groups, spread evenly across all regions.

Furthermore, scientific research and modern technology must be considered, since it would be difficult for a country to sustain its stability without an appropriate approach to the future.

Secondly, if we are to have intelligent Ministers of Government and a productive society, more consideration must be placed on health care. Excellent health services increases a citizen’s lifespan, reduces the risk of dangerous diseases spreading over the regions, and increases the citizen’s ability to solve problems. This can be realised by providing more hospitals, physicians, paramedics and clinics in reachable distances for the citizens. Why isn’t this happening?

Thirdly, if the Government wants to achieve success, it must attract investors. Currently, there is nothing as such! Attracting investors should be done carefully, in order not to discourage or harm the local investors. For example, at least 51% of a firm’s actions stock should be sold to the native investors. On the other hand, a maximum of 49% should be sold to foreign investors. In both categories, care must be ensured so as not to bring the firm to bankruptcy.

In addition, citizens should be encouraged to have their own businesses. Enterprise is a characteristic of man which many countries do not properly appreciate. Those who create a work place not only for themselves but also for others surely are a vital part of an economy. Consequently, having a high percentage of business people leads to the better quality of life in a country. In fact, laws and fees are the main factors which contribute towards making a decision to start your own company. Therefore, a government has everything in its arms.

To our leaders: leadership is not about glorious crowning acts; it is about keeping your team focused on a goal, and motivated to do their best to achieve it, especially when the stakes are high and the consequences really matter. It is about laying the groundwork for the success of others, and then standing back and letting them shine. Stop the blame game! Stop pursuing fame!

Remember, you have people looking up to you. What are you saying to the youths? Be a positive role model to them.

Let us manage our resources accurately, so that success will be the common heritage of Guyanese!

Jason Persaud




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