Letter: Is the GPSU representing Public Servants or APNU/AFC?

GPSU Headquarters at Shiv Chanderpaul Drive and Regent Road, Georgetown

Dear Editor,

Integrity is one of the most highly honoured qualities that only some organisations or persons could have the honour of possessing in an ever-advancing political, social, and economical landscape such as Guyana.

However, this quality is always derived when one chooses national interest out of all the aforementioned dimensions of interest.

On Wednesday, a Public Servant was kicked, molested, and hurled with racial slurs by an Opposition MP, but yet the Union, who most presumably is receiving union fees from this young man, has not uttered a word in defence of him. Let’s refresh our memories: when, on January 15, 2020, a St Agnes Primary School teacher was assaulted by a parent, the Guyana Teachers’ Union did not only issue a statement of condemnation, but also went and protested for that teacher.

Two days have passed, and the Guyana Public Service Union has not issued a single statement of condemnation of the Opposition MP. What are we paying Union fees to them for? The Union has always had a tarnishing accusatory reputation of always saying exactly what the APNU+AFC says, and it seems they have no interest in changing this.

I am asking all Public Servants to ask themselves why are you paying Union dues when you could be slaughtered by politicians and your Union is not willing to defend you?

We saw the GPSU actively condemning Dharamlall’s attack on the Judges; where is this activism now? It seems like when APNU+AFC tells the Union to jump, the GPSU asks, “How high?”

Shondell Watson Park