Letter: Fires and more fires

The building which houses the DPP and OPR on fire on Saturday last

Dear Editor,

Fires and more fires are all taking place at strategic locations. This is a worrying trend. What is really going on? This is one of the questions occupying the minds of all right-thinking people?

Why are these fires occurring at these surgically precise locations? Is there a fire fairy at work? This is something we have to get to the bottom of. Is it a “Slowe fire scenario” creeping back into our vocabulary, or is it a “Low in the field” type of fire? Which is it?

I say this based on the utterings of a PNC Water Boy turned WPA Member, Dr David Hinds, when he said, “Undermine this Government.” So, it behooves us to come to the conclusion that there might very well be a “Low en field situation” developing here in our country. It does not require rocket science knowledge to understand where Hinds was coming from, and the subtle message he was sending. He was just telling the sitting Government and the security forces that they need to be on high alert so that they can carefully analyse and address that “undermine” statement.

There is no question in my mind that saboteurs and their associates are at work, and The GPF needs to be on the alert. The Brickdam fire is a prime example, because, soon after that conflagration, there were vigorous enquiries from known quarters as to the whereabouts of the SOPs, whether they were destroyed in the fire? And the constant harping of where can the SOPs be, “If we could get our hands on them.”? This inordinate obsession with the SOPs.

Again, it brings into question the true intent and target point of this recent fire. Was it to destroy documents at the offices of The OPR and DPP? Was it one, or both? Is there something stored in those two offices that they want to go up in flames? Questions and more questions. Well, we do know that there are active cases in the High Court on matters pertaining to both places, so there is already an established motive, it is now left to us to piece together the opportunities available.

The opportunities are coming too frequently, some with near-miss frequency. For this I say security at these locations needs to be strengthened. Let those who are bent on criminal mischief be informed that we are not going to lie back and allow vital evidence to be destroyed. Be it known that those who are to be tried will be tried, and the appropriate sentencing meet its mark. Let it be known that all case files will be in safe keeping for the day of trial.

In addition to stepping up security at these pivotal points, there should be the installation of security cameras. I am talking about CCTV cameras within and without these locations. The point I am making is that we must get to the real cause of these “ghost fire” thrills that are now sweeping through this country.

Neil Adams