Letter: Amanza Walton-Desir is suffering from an inferiority complex


Dear Editor,

It is pandemic, if not a serious disease in my country, that is, this supposed superiority of one race over another. It makes you want to puke when you hear it. One would have thought that in a multi-racial society such as ours, this talk of racial supremacy was a thing of the past, but when you view statements made by Amanza Walton-Desir and others of her kind, you are jolted with the stark reality that this asininity is alive and well in some quarters here.

In a multi-ethnic society such as ours, one has to be devoid of intelligence to ever utter such trash talk, it is obnoxious and highly offensive, and I condemn it in the strongest possible terms ever. I would advise her to apologise to our Indian brothers and sisters forthwith.

No race is superior to another, and the faster these comedians in the PNC get it through their thick skulls, the better. When you carefully interpret her sayings, you get the distinct impression that she is suffering from an inferiority complex, and when you have such a poor rating of yourself, you mouth these crazy things. The point I am making is that for one to make oneself look good – in this case sound good -one must try one’s utmost to belittle or put down another, and that is exactly what this woman is trying to do.

So, let me ask some searching questions: Where are the upper echelons of the party, such as Granger and crew? Haven’t they heard? Haven’t they seen the actions of one of their parliamentary appointees? Being aware of the fact, then why isn’t there a rebuke statement coming from the leader of that party?

Further, I ask: Where are the moral voices, such as The Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) and the hosts of them? What is their take on this? In this case, silence means consent; so, are you telling us that you are in agreement with her? Heaven, help us!

Where are the women’s groups such as Red Thread and other so-called people who are quick to speak out on matters of this nature? Where are they now? Are they so stunned by her remarks that they cannot speak? I patiently await a statement from these women’s groups.

Moreover, how could any sane Indian feel comfortable sitting in that party? How can any sincere Indian, knowing full well that they are among people who do not see them as equals, sit with them and accept such hogwash?

I call on those few remaining Indians to seriously consider their standing amongst that grouping, and hastily make their retreat? Come join a party that treats all men and women as equals.

But these utterances come as nothing new, because, from time to time, statements like these filter through. It was one of that party’s top official who said “we provide work for people who look like me and not like Jagdeo”. Well, if this is not racism, then what is? You see, in the fashioning of a modern, multiracial society, where peace and goodwill flourish, there is no place for persons of the likes of an Amanza Walton-Desir. Our goal is to build a society where all ethnicities feel secure and free in all respects, one that is free from racism, hatred and malice.

Neil Adams