Less hassle for commuters – as Demerara Habour Bridge gets better traffic management


Better traffic management by ranks of the Guyana Police Force’s traffic department at the Demerara Harbour Bridge is resulting in easier commuting to and from Georgetown to the West Bank of Demerara.

Commuters do not now have to worry of being ‘cut in front of’ by other vehicles after a long wait in the line to cross the bridge.

In the early morning hours, primarily between 6:30 hrs to approximately 8:30 hrs, the lines at the Bridge’s approach have been extremely long; because while some drivers wait in the traffic for almost an hour if not more, others disregard the traffic regulations and laws and bully their way to the front. This created an even larger buildup of traffic during peak hours at the bridge.

Commuters are now experiencing some measure of relief as this situation has been addressed by traffic ranks, who work within the catchment area. Using new strategies to better manage the traffic flow, the ranks are now implementing road blocks to close off the entrance to the bridge leaving only one lane open to the flow of traffic for vehicles approaching the intersection from the Versailles end.

Traffic is also diverted through the ‘Old road’ at La Grange that leads to the bridge. This has contributed significantly to the reduction in the level of confusion and frustration for commuters.

Due to the increasing number of vehicles on roads, the lines are still long; but the waiting time has been reduced and commuters are crossing to and from the Bridge in a more orderly and hassle -free manner.

Earlier in the month, during the launch of the Demerara Harbour Bridge Company’s wireless link with the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Guyana Police Force, Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson related to Commissioner of Police, Seelall Persaud the complaints of the commuters.
In less than two weeks after this issue was brought to the Commissioner’s attention, the situation has been addressed. (GINA)



  1. I am an every day user of the bridge and the change that was highlighted in this article has not fixed the problem at the DHBC , it has gotten worst… in my opinion no matter who you are, you should join the line..no special priorities for the so call big boys..if u want to experience our plight join the line in the morning and tow it until u reach in front and then u can say that this matter really need addressing. There is an emergency lane..again my opinion..only the ambulance and police patrol is suppose to be accessed this lane..however that’s not the case, seems to me that once you heavily tinted that your passport for the emergency lane..no question asked..HOW CAN THIS BE FAIR…..
    In relation to the access road at la grange.. this road has now become a three lane road..the congestion there is just terrible..nothing is done by the traffic ranks..as a commuter you are left to fend for yourself since taxis, hire cars and minibuses are the only drivers that are ALWAYS late. Please do something about this problem…its just not FAIR!!!!

  2. Utter nonsense! The traffic Ranks have created the monster…and now it has overwhelmed them and they cannot handle it .It’s worst now than before.they need to exercise control and ALL must tow the lines.Certain persons are given priority and privileges which must stop . If everyone stay in line the traffic will flow faster.

  3. DK it is wrong in the first place to give the rank $1,500. the right thing to do is to take your ticket and pay the fine. So there will NOT be a NEXT time to breach the laws. it is the negligence of the citizens of our country make it this way for officers to take bribe.


  4. Those same ranks allow their friends to go right up to the front of the line, they watch as buses undertake their way to the front and the Officers just don’t do anything.

  5. What nonsense…in fact the situation has even gotten worse now. I used to take half an hour to reach across the bridge; now its more like an hour and a half. The police have no idea on traffic control.

  6. This doesn’t help at all. I was in that same line this morning and didn’t notice any difference.
    The only thing that would make a difference is for a longer period of double-lane or to have another period of double-lane, say around 7:50 am. There are thousands of vehicles backed up at the western end of the bridge still waiting to cross after the double-lane has ended, and there are maybe 200 max vehicles on the eastern end of the bridge that are crossing. You cannot inconvenience so many to please a few. Look at the man hours that are lost when people get to work late. Sick people are trying to get to hospitals in GT and they have to wait. The measures take be the Bridge folks will always fall short, the only resolution is a LONGER double lane time.

  7. I agree. This is not true. Anybody who has to wake up at 4:00am just to ensure that they can cross the bridge can attest to the stupidity about better traffic management at the DHB. The cutting off by drivers still happens and the old road is worse…

  8. This is absolutely true. Thanks for posting this inews. If this was posted in SN or KN it wouldn’t be published. I hope Ramjattan addresses this issue.

  9. Less hassle for commuters – as Demerara Habour Bridge gets better traffic management
    Yall fooling anybody with this nonsense?
    No !! Yall only fooling yall stupid dumb selves..
    Its the same traffic ranks that created this madness.
    You could see traffic ranks there and does nothing when certain motorists bore the traffic to get in front..
    Traffic ranks with their radar gun pulling over Indian motorists for going 1kmph over the speed limit while the Afro drivers in blazing Linden mini buses disappear like magic before the very traffic ranks eyes.
    This is the truth but might not be posted for others to see.
    This has been going on under PNC rule but got worse under PPP rule and its back to business again under PNC rule.
    My Indian taxi driver was pulled over for doing 55 in a 50 zone..
    I agree he was going over the speed limit but what I saw with my very own eyes was unbelievable. Just before my Indian taxi driver was pulled in two blazing Linden mini buses blazed pass us..I even told the tragic rank that those two mini buses were going too fast so that is why he could not see and stop them.
    My taxi driver told me it ok..He and the traffic rank went into a little boot and my taxi driver came out I ask him if he got a ticket and he said no but he paid the traffic rank 1500..I could not believe these bastards on the road as traffic ranks doing this to the innocent man hustling to make a decent living while they turn a blind eye to those they know they have nothing to get from..You get my drift???


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