LEN introduces low cost homes built from bauxite waste

The low-cost home which was constructed with materials sourced from Region 10.

The Linden Enterprise Network (LEN) is making housing more affordable for owners of house lots with the launch of its low-cost homes made of bauxite waste.

Chairman of LEN Orrin Gordon

On Friday, the Linden Region 10 based organisation launched its model home in Central Amelia’s Ward.

LEN Chairman, Orrin Gordon, explained that the organisation, through the Town Council, will pre-qualify persons who have already acquired house lots. Gordon said 13 persons have are among the first batch to own these homes which will cost between $3M and $3.5M.

LEN is working in collaboration with the Central Planning and Housing Authority (CHPA) and leading lending institutions, such as New Building Society. Not only will low income earners will be able to pre-qualify, but their mortgages will also be affordable.

The low-cost home which was constructed with materials sourced from Region 10.

Minister with responsibility for housing, Valarie Adams Patterson-Yearwood, lauded LEN for showing innovation, imagination, ingenuity and initiative with the project.

Remington Nelson, reading the minister’s remarks, said the innovative thinking adds value to homes while creating jobs. “The project is a testament to the ingenuity that resides here among Lindeners and all of Linden should be proud of this,” Nelson read.

Linden Bricks, a company in Amelia’s Ward, is manufacturing the blocks out of laterite, bauxite overburden, which are being used in the construction.

LEN’s low cost homes is a welcomed initiative that will help address Region 10’s housing deficit, Nelson noted. The LEN model house is an example of workable solutions to address the country’s growing housing needs.



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