Leguan Police Constable receives sound thrashing twice – eyewitness


A Constable stationed at the Leguan Police Station, Region Three, is slowly recovering after he was allegedly badly beaten at his workplace and then at the hospital where he visited for medical attention in a 12-hour time span.

The injured officer is said to be between his late 20s and early 30s.

assaultReports are that the Constable was on duty in the evening of Sunday last and left the police station to purchase food at a shop close to his workplace. According to sources, there is a ‘rum shop’ next door to where the officer was purchasing his meal and this was where a “liaison officer” for the area’s Community Policing Group (CPG) was reportedly consuming alcohol with a relative.

Moments after the constable’s arrival at the shop, an argument broke out between him and the “liaison officer” and the police rank returned to the station. However, the “liaison officer” along with his relative proceeded to enter the police station where they allegedly began beating the constable mercilessly.

Despite public cries that the duo should desist from assaulting the officer the two men continued to do so then they exited the police station.

“You see, everyone is afraid of this liaison officer, and he knows it, which is why he thinks he can do whatever he wants. He always saying how nobody can touch him and he is the friend of a particular government minister. But if you see how he and his family beat up that police boy, it was terrible,” one woman stated.

Meanwhile, another resident of Leguan told INews that shortly after the officer received the thrashing he visited the local hospital and the two accused also showed up there where they started beating the police rank again. Many persons looked on in horror and shock as some tried to “part the fight”.

“Well it wasn’t much of a fight, it was more like the policeman getting a set of blows, right at the hospital. Everybody knows the man them who was beating him up but people afraid to get involved”, the young man said.

Deputy Commander of ‘G’ Division Cadet Officer Gordon, told INews that at present investigations are on-going into the matter as police ranks continue to take statements and question eye-witnesses.





  1. Shame on the Guyana government. This is not acceptable, I know that a lot of people are watching this story. Let’s see what the law makers do in regards to this particular case. No one is above the law.

  2. This is a Serious matter. I am watching to see how this would be handled. Since no one is above the Law. The lawlessness that happens here is a shame.


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