Immigration officers, Dynamic Airways employee fingered in cocaine case to face Court this afternoon


The three immigration officers who have found themselves in hot water for allowing a shipment of cocaine to pass through the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) earlier this month on a flight which landed in New York are to face the Courts this afternoon.

courtAdditionally, one of the two Dynamic Airways employees who had also been arrested for conspiracy is scheduled to make her first court appearance today in relation to this matter.

INews was told that the other employee who was detained by the police was sent home due to insufficient evidence to institute any charges.

Meanwhile, the third Dynamic Airways employee who has gone into hiding ever since law enforcement officials made the arrests is still to be apprehended by police for questioning.

INews also understands that the three immigration officers allegedly confessed to investigators that they were bribed to allow the illegal substance to be transported through the CJIA.

The female employee of the airline is said to be a security agent at the airport who was tasked with searching passengers and their luggage at the door and at the aircraft.




  1. Who are these people don’t they have faces and names why not disclose that information to the public? Whats the big secret–whom ever they are we the people need to know.


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