Lack of economic confidence slowing investment – Former PSC Head

Ramesh Dookhoo

As 2018 approaches, Former Head of the Private Sector Commission (PSC) Ramesh Dookho is holding steadfast to the position that unless Government reduces taxes and implements stimuli package to the boost the economy, growth will continue to be slow.

Dookho insisted that the lack of confidence in Guyana’s economy affecting both local and foreign direct investment. He cited the high manufacturing costs and even higher energy/electricity costs that businesses have to carry in order to sustain the development of their respective businesses.

Ramesh Dookhoo


He maintained that currently several sectors of the economy are being hurt by Government’s perceived in action as far as turning the fortunes of the economy around were concerned. Among areas affected, according to the former PSC Head, are forestry, mining and even the retail sector.


He is optimistic that 2018 will bring in positive change and paradigm shift towards boosting private sector growth and development.



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