Kwame McCoy verbally abuses KN’s Editor-in-Chief, Reporter

Information Liaison to the Office of the President, Kwame McCoy

[] – Information Liaison to the Office of the President, Kwame McCoy on Wednesday, February 25 verbally abused the Editor in Chief of the Kaieteur News, Adam Harris and one of the newspaper’s reporters, Kiana Wilburg over a report carried in that newspaper today.

The report in the Kaieteur News detailed that members of the media were forced on Tuesday to ask General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Clement Rohee to silence McCoy after he consistently interrupted a late afternoon press conference with loud bickering.

It was also reported that he hurled insults at Reporters who were invited to the PPP’s weekly Press Conference in the presence of Rohee and Executive Secretary, Zulifikar Mustapha, who did not come to the aid of reporters.

The report angered an already abusive McCoy who used the opportunity at the conclusion of the post cabinet media briefing at the Office of the President by Dr Roger Luncheon, where he made several scathing remarks to Harris in the presence of other journalists.

McCoy walked up and rudely interrupted Harris’ conversation with another official at the Office of the President; it was then that drama unfolded.

When McCoy interrupted Harris, the KN editor sharply responded: “Kwame I am not speaking to you.” This angered McCoy even more; he then chased the Kaieteur News Reporter out of the Office of the President’s premise.

McCoy continued to hurl insults saying, “Kaieteur News is gutter news, I don’t read that crap; that is toilet paper. I use it in my toilet, y’all use that newspaper as a weapon.”

However, Harris told persons next to him that McCoy reads the paper and hence he is offended. The feral attack continued with McCoy saying, “get the hell out of here.”

McCoy then tucked Dr. Luncheon into his office and proceeded to catch up with Harris who was making his way out of the Office of the President.

Editor – in – Chief of Kaieteur News, Adam Harris.

Leaning over the rails McCoy then shouted to Harris, “You like use ya newspaper as a weapon but ya can’t conquer me, you can’t, listen anything you publish about me is glory for me, it’s glory, ya wicked old man, get out the place man.”

Harris then replied, “Good ah glad. You will be a rich man.” McCoy continued to follow Harris, who then inquired why he is being followed.

McCoy stated, “Me ? I walking behind you? Look is something you want… if I walk behind you.”

Harris believes that McCoy’s behavior is a direct reflection of the indiscipline and indecency that has invaded the Office of the President. He added that decorum has escaped even the staff at OP.

The KN editor stressed that he would refrain from answering McCoy. “I won’t allow myself to go down to his level,” Harris said.