Kwame, Abdulla, Hinds charged for throwing ‘faeces’ on Freddie Kissoon – each granted $100,000 bail


Former Press and Publicity Officer in the Office of the President under the PPP Government, Kwame McCoy, along with Sean Hinds and Jason Abdulla, made their first court appearance this morning at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court in relation to ‘throwing faeces’ into the face of well-known newspaper columnist and social activist Freddie Kissoon almost six years ago.

CHARGED: Jason Abdulla, Kwame McCoy and Sean Hinds
CHARGED: Jason Abdulla, Kwame McCoy and Sean Hinds

The trio were charged with the May 2010 unlawful assault of the newspaper columnist. The attorneys representing the trio at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court this morning requested that the matter be tried before a judge and a jury.

INews understands that the prosecution did not raise any objection to having bail granted to the defendants, providing that they report to the Police Criminal Investigations Department (CID) on a weekly basis.

Bail was granted in the sum of $100,000 each and the trio was conditioned to lodge their passports as well as report to CID each week. They are expected to make their next court appearance on March 11.  (Kristen Macklingam) 





  1. These three persons were charged with unlawful assault since when any kind of assault could be otherwise? Not being a person of the legal fraternity, the exhorbitant bail amount tells a story. Many persons who committed more serious offences have been granted bail on lesser sum and didn’t have to lodge their passport or report to the police on a weekly basis. It is now very clear that the police and the courts are now being used by this administration against the political opponents and others who support the PPPC . The leaked Rodney COI report shows who were the architects of the assassination. The PNC, now cornered is using these three as a diversion hoping that the Guyanese people would be distracted by he revelations of the report. The PNC police state now back in action.

  2. Will those two ladies who were seen on You tube abusing and trying to prevent the Wales estate workers from exercising their democratic right in the form of a peaceful protest ,be investigated and charged?

  3. Kwame, Abdulla, Hinds charged for throwing ‘faeces’ on Freddie Kissoon – each granted $100,000 bail
    Well well well..Most Guyanese were starting to believe that these PPP activists were killers of a PNC hired protester.
    PNC made it out to look like Krum Ewing was so powerful that he alone could bring down PPP so PPP had to wide he out.
    Freddie get shit Rodney get walkie talkie BOOOOOOM

  4. So you mean to tell the public that the DUNCE we have for crime chief took these Guys in with an attempt to fabricate evidence and change them with a murder and because the results were dull, he decide to charge them with throwing DOO DOO on Freddie Kisson? This is just for them to avoid a law suit! FREDDIE KISSON deserve ALL the doo doo and more that was thrown on HIM….those MONEY greed hungry cannibal will do anything to gain power….Guyana government is taking the pattern BURHNAM did….anyone smell the beans….he was just pin pointed in the WALTER ROODNEY murder….what does Granger, ROOPERTNARINE and RAMJATTAN has to say?


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