Pension raised for Banks DIH retired employees


By Kristen Macklingam

Retired employees who are receiving pension from Banks DIH Limited would be pleased to know that the company has decided it will be raising the payments for each pensioner.

This announcement was made by Chairman/Managing Director of the giant beverage giant, Clifford Reis yesterday to the Company’s pensioners at the annual luncheon for senior citizens which was held at the company’s Thirst Park location.

A section of the gathering at the “We Care” annual Senior Citizens Luncheon
A section of the gathering at the ‘We Care’ annual Senior Citizens Luncheon

According to Mr Reis, Banks DIH Limited owes “a debt of gratitude to its retired employees” who have made a sterling contribution to the Company which is celebrating its 60th Anniversary this year.

“We are thankful for your contribution, and the Board of Directors has made a decision to raise your pension,” Reis declared to the over 600 attendees yesterday.

He noted that for last year alone the Company made donations of over $145 million to charity.


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