King’s appointment as Town Clerk is illegal – Cabinet says Mayor raised contempt to new heights

Royston King


By Kurt Campbell

Royston King
Royston King

[] – Cabinet has rejected what it says is the illegal move by City Mayor Hamilton Green and Councillors to once again attempt to have Public Relations Officer (PRO) Royston King appointed as Town Clerk.

On Tuesday (May 06), the body moved three motions, which included the removal of acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba from the position, along with that of Councillor, Junior Garrick.

According to Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon, these actions are all illegal; adding that the Mayor has raised his contempt against the Guyanese people to a new height.

“The Mayor has no power to do so, was told he has no power to do so and knows he has no power to do so,” Luncheon told reporters at a news conference.

The Mayor’s resort to remove Sooba and replace her with King with immediate effect is said to be contrary to the provisions of the Municipal and District Councils Act Ch28:01.

Dr. Luncheon made it clear that the government will not be recognizing King’s appointment.

“The Mayor’s contempt knows no bound,” Dr Luncheon said as he recalled what he said was the Mayor’s Easter day atrocities and atrocious behavior which renders him liable for prosecution.

The Cabinet Secretary said his actions are nothing but a pathetic display as his political career appears to be winding down. The saga in relation to the Town Clerk has been ongoing for some time and has resulted in many eventualities.

The most recent being the very meeting yesterday which was held in the yard of City Hall because the Mayor was reportedly locked out of his Office by Sooba. There were several incidents of nasty exchange of words.



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