“King Kong ain’t got sh!t on my head” – Rohee defends Pradoville property


By Jomo Paul

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee
General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Once again the concerns over Pradoville 1 & 2 lands that were sold to members and purported supporters of the former People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) administration have arisen and PPP General Secretary, Clement Rohee is defending the acquisition of his property.

Pradoville 2 was developed during the last term of Former President Bharrat Jagdeo on the Sparendaam foreshore, East Coast Demerara with properties being sold to persons for as little as $1.5M.

Former Public Service Minister, Jennifer Westford; Compton Bourne, former Head of the Caribbean Development Bank and UG Chancellor, Ghansham Singh along with Kamini Parag-Singh and Florrie Loretta Ramnauth were among those who received house lots in the controversial housing scheme.prado

Rohee, when questioned how he was able to afford the property on his $579,000 salary, pointed out that he acquired a loan from the New Building Society.

“I got a loan from the Bank…go and check with New Building Society…check with them and you will see…King Kong ain’t got sh!t on my head,” said Rohee.

Pradoville became a public concern after it was reported that the house lots were acquired very cheap in comparison to the prices a normal citizen would pay for a plot of land.

Rohee’s attention was drawn to this concern and he stonewalled the question saying he was not aware of the specifics of the situation.

“I can’t explain that because I don’t have those details…I never made that kind of investigations. If I am offered a piece of land for that kind of money then I will determine if I can afford it…call it a good deal or a bad deal it was just an investment on my part,” said Rohee.



  1. Here is a former government minister that is saying that he wasnt aware of the details of the development of the area he was offered a piece and he made an investment. How much was that loan Clement and how much left to be paid?
    This is the arrogance that got them out in the first place, simple question how much was the investment and what was your equity in the NBS loan and how much is left to be paid.
    I advise the government to take back all the undeveloped house lots in the area and sell it at market price and give that money to UG. My brotherinlaw said that Raj Singh wanted to take a Guysuco plot away from him sometime back well it will serve him right take it back from him and all the rest.

  2. The cup is full of our money’s,the stolen land belong to all Guyanese,the billions carted of by criminals like bharrat and 40 thieves was criminal, so crazy is what many poor Indian families are going true after 23 yrs of GREED,Drugs,And the changes of our culture,if you have any interest in a better Guyana examine your life,look around you and take a look at the murder rate,suicide,rape,and how many families have to be victims of cocaine distraction,look at how LAWLESS you all have become,before that criminal BHARRAT brought nothing but destruction to the PPP and to Guyanese, its fools like you and the power lost but the PPP,have you sour now,you have 23 yrs to go,so dream on,the cup is filled with milk for shawn hinds,

  3. Maxxfax you people are crazy tell me what was there before Jagdeo and hs friends incluse GARY BEST decided to upgrade that area nothing cow pasture/fishing /mining PIGS/ and so forth.
    no ne wanted that land for nothing but because now some one see what happened to the swamp that the best land n Guyana and Jagdeo and his friends take it. no one had a vision to do do that durng PNC regime all of you are sour PUSS.

  4. You are a dumb ass, Maharanee. When those ppl thieves were stealing everything that moved your big mouth was shut.

  5. You and your criminals from freedom oues have to pay back all you thief,,Mahajackass,,127 million that will pay for all brain dead fools like you to go to UGLY,,,

  6. And the batch of greedy bastards in power now want to take away money from the school uniform voucher and give themselves a 100% raise in salary. The people say, NO!

  7. There is nothing wrong with being wealthy, it’s only a problem if you obtained it dishonestly or on the backs of the poor tax paying citizens.

  8. An investment at the public’s expense like everything else the got their sticky fingers on the greedy bastards!


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