Khan denies preventing basketball training at Cliff Andersons Sports Hall



BBall[] – Superintendent of the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall Bashur Khan has stated publicly that no instruction was given to him to stop basketball training on May 14 at the facility.

He was at the time responding to an article, “Kumar stops Basketball team from training at Cliff Anderson Sport Hall” in the May 15 edition of a local newspaper.

Khan clarified that the practice is whenever the Guyana Amateur Basketball Association (G.A.B.A) or the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (G.A.B.F) requires the use of the Sport Hall for training or competitions, the G.A.B.A or G.A.B.F will request separately.

He said the G.A.B.A requested and received approval for training on May 12, 13, 14 and 15. After training on May 12 and 13, r. Michael Singh, President of G.A.B.A advised that because G.A.B.F will, with immediate effect, request the use of the Cliff Anderson Sport Hall for training and competitions, for both bodies, training sessions requested by G.A.B.F for the 14 and 15 would be cancelled.

“I immediately informed my immediate supervisor, the Admin Officer. Since there was no other activity scheduled for the Cliff Anderson Sport Hall for the day, I secured the facility and left for home.”

Khan added that he subsequently received a call from Nigel Hinds, President of G.A.B.F saying that the Cliff Anderson Sport Hall was closed and enquired why.

“I advised that from the conversation between Mr. Singh and myself, there was no reason why the Cliff Anderson Sport Hall should not be closed. Mr. Hinds then indicated to me that the G.A.B.A’s President cannot make such a decision as the responsibility for making requests is that of G.A.B.F.”

He further stated that subsequently, the Director of Sports, Neil Kumar called and advised that the basketball players be allowed to train.

He reiterated that no instruction was issued to him by of his supervising officers to close the Cliff Anderson Sport Hall to training sessions organized by G.A.B.A and subsequently taken over by G.A.B.F.



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