Jurassic-themed promenade, boating activity, golf course, shops, boardwalk among plans for National Park

Robert Persaud

The Protected Areas Commission (PAC) has revealed a new zone plan for the enhancement of the National Park, which will see the introduction of 27 appointed areas.

During the launch ceremony and consultation at the National Park, Georgetown, on Friday, Foreign Secretary, Robert Persaud said the zoning plan aims to ensure the country’s green space is developed and offers various activities for the meaningful engagement of citizens, particularly youths.

He stressed that the government has always prioritised ensuring that recreational spaces are maintained and provided with the necessary infrastructure and resources.

The 27 designated areas include a playland, equestrian area, tennis court, Woofington dog park, athletics field, tarmac, fitness zones, rugby field, football field, a manatee boardwalk, 1.5 kilometre walkway, Jurassic theme promenade and a Burrowes School of Art jewellery shop.

Other features will include a boating dock and route, a mini golf course, two beach volleyball areas, concession stands, gym and picnic areas, and parking lots.

The foreign secretary underscored the need for citizens to not pollute the area, as it contributes negatively to the environment, and citizens’ health, and creates a strain on the economy.

With the major enhancement set to take place, PAC Commissioner, Jason Fraser assured that the park will remain free and open to the public.

“With everything that is happening here all the new developments, the addition of our outdoor gyms, the park remains free of entry. There might be some amenities for maintenance, there might be a small fee attached…It is not for profit but pure maintenance,” Fraser assured.

Additionally, the government and the PAC are collaborating with the Chinese Government to modernise Joe Viera Park.

Works are also ongoing to improve the conditions of the Botanical Garden and soon citizens will be engaged in a day of enhancement activity.

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Resident Representative in Guyana, Gerardo Noto was also present at the event.

He added, “We are looking into developing a systematic mapping on how plastic is generated and handled and exploring ways to restore recycling and we are looking to hopefully associate with the PAC to build up some experiences here in the park, setting up the bins to recycle and to generate some support to some small project.” [DPI]