Japanese music instructor completes volunteer programme

Japan International Co-operation Agency (JICA) instructor, Yuko Aoki singing along with the St. Sidwell Primary School students.

A closing ceremony was held on Thursday in honour of the completion of Japan International Co-operation Agency (JICA) instructor Yuko Aoki’s six-month volunteering tenure at the National School of Music, Brickdam.

Japan International Co-operation Agency (JICA) instructor, Yuko Aoki singing along with the St. Sidwell Primary School students.

According to DPI, in brief remarks, National School of Music Administrator Andrew Tyndall expressed his gratitude towards JICA for implementing the initiative which focused on music development at the primary level students and teachers.

Some 120 primary school teachers, 87 CPCE training teachers, four senior pianists and students from three primary schools all benefitted from the initiative. Tyndall noted that those who participated in the initiative have largely benefitted from the teachings of instructor Aoki and will, in turn, impart their knowledge to others.

“We (government) are very certain that the knowledge she (Yuko Aoki) has shared especially with our teachers and children will be passed on and it will help in the all-round development of the children as well provide for that round and holistic experience in schools”, he was quoted as saying by DPI.

The Administrator stressed that he did his part to ensure that every child has the opportunity to be involved in music in their developmental years. This is in keeping with the Ministry of Education agenda to provide a comprehensive experience for the nation’s youth. He disclosed that the music school will continue to partner with the Government of Japan for further initiatives similar to this.

Some of the students performed various pianica and piano pieces taught to them, while the teachers thanked the instructor for giving them the opportunity to learn new techniques and perfect their skills in the craft, DPI said.

Earlier this year, there was a donation from the JICA of 54 music tune bells, 35 flutes and 25 Yamaha Pianicas, including an electrical piano to the National School of Music that cost approximately $1.5 million and an additional donation of 35 Pianicas to the Cyril Potter College of Education for the value of $2M.

In 2016, the Japanese Government facilitated a music instructor conducting a training course with the National School of Music, through the provision of musical and vocal training to piano teachers, primary school teachers, students from Regions Three, Four, Ten and Georgetown.



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