Jagdeo wants President to swear in ERC Commissioners

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo

By Jomo Paul

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo
Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo

[www.inewsguyana.com] – More than a year after Guyana’s 10 Parliament submitted names for the appointment of persons to serve as Commissioners on the Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC), Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo is demanding that the President avail himself to the swearing in of the Commissioners.

Jagdeo made the comment at a press conference on Tuesday, September 08 where he raised objections to the functions of the Social Cohesion Minister. According to Jagdeo, the Social Cohesion department headed by Minister Amna Ally is usurping the constitutional responsibilities of the ERC.

He posited that this was the reason why he refused to take part in the recently concluded Social Cohesion roundtable conference at the Arthur Chung Convention Center.

Jagdeo told reporters that “the PPP could not and will not take part in any effort that will undermine constitutional bodies in this country. We believe that this hastily put together social cohesion conference emanated out of a promise made to a few donor countries and it was the proverbial fig leaf to cover a lot of the acts that are leading…to dividing our people further.”

The Opposition Leader stated that if the new government is serious about Social Cohesion then it should take immediate steps to swear in the Commissioners named by the tenth parliament.

“Swear in the members of the Ethnic Relations Commission now….resource them so they can work… to bring greater harmony and social cohesion to people but not replace it with a government Minister who has shown over and over that she has a proclivity to be very partisan,” Jagdeo stated.

When it was pointed out that former President Donald Ramotar had ample time to swear in the Commissioners and did not do so even after making several promises to get the deed done, Jagdeo stated that the APNU+AFC should not hold itself to the standards of the former PPP/C government.

“If we blundered and I am not saying that we did, then this government should not hold itself to that standard,” he stated.




  1. Jageo and Nandlall have something in common. They think it is better to sound like an idiot than not to be heard

  2. Jagdeo is quoted as saying that “APNU+AFC should not hold themselves to the standard of the PPP” Do we need to be told more? The PPP was/is the lowest of low. When he strategically decided to be the spearhead and chief protagonist of the most racist and vile elections campaign ever witnessed in the history of electoral politics in this country, it was all well and okay for his puppet Donald Dumb not to swear in the ERC so that he could carry out his mischief unimpeded. Now that the PPP lost the elections, he wants the ERC sworn-in. Jagdeo really feels that Guyanese are fools.

  3. Mohamed 29 as I read your post I had to check twice to see if I wrote it. You are on point Brother exactly what I had in mind as I read the INews article. This stranger to the human race BaaHaaRAT is a bareface excuse. Why did he not do just this when in power. He is a joke.

  4. What is fair an balanced about what Jagdeo is saying. If the ERC was named over a year ago, why did the PPP not do what he is calling for now. Swear them in. They were the Government in power at the time. People, open your eyes and read what he is trying to do. He thinks that ALL Guyanese are stupid and uneducated, you can fool some of the people some of the time, but not ALL of the people ALL of the time.

  5. anybody who says that he/she takes bharat jagdeo seriously has to have his / her head examined. bharat jagdeo believes that common guyanese citizens are all foolish and have limited attention to details, hardly understanding the dynamics around them so, he can run-off at the mouth with this nonsense about erc when images are still etched in the minds of those who witnessed his and others’ performances on the campaign trail just 5 months ago.

    this is nothing but a failed face-saving attempt because, the international community took notice that while the government as well as civic society are trying to bring the country / nation together for the better good, the ppp is shamelessly absent and busy spreading propaganda to divide the country.

    social cohesion is not to the advantage of the ppp party because, all they know is to fan the flames of racism, hate and bigotry because, that is what the party is about. one just have to look at the party’s record – donald ramotar refusing to sign the erc into operation and refused to call local government elections which the party denied the guyanese people for 20 long years – and ask yourself if that morally and ethically challenged party will run on anything other than pandering to the racist guyanese.

  6. This jagdeo guy shouldn’t be talking about ERC at all. These are the same Scums in the PPP didn’t do anything about the implementation of the same ERC for the longest time when they were in power, so don’t go there let the Coalition govt do it if and when they want to do it. I am getting to believe that jagdeo feels that they are still running the Govt, hell no but President Granger and the Coalition must not trust these Crooks in the PPP. Don’t let yourselves be bombarded by these Scums who were in Govt for the last 23 punishing years.

  7. Has he now come to the realization that the nation has a constitution? He should be hauled before the courts to account for all the times he ignored and violated it,.he certainly will not be able to plead ignorance.Let him receive his just punishment.

  8. Former President Jagdeo has come over very fair, balanced and is sticking to facts. I therefore wonder if Current President Granger is not impressed with him and could not help but express his belief about sensing a genuine desire to co operate for the development of Guyana. Only fly in the ointment is that Mr Granger will have to purge himself of the extreme wing of his Party for that to evolve and this evidently includes amongst others Minister Amna Ally. He will also have to appear to be doing more to corral the AFC section of the Government from endangering the functions of Government and possibly collaborating with that section of the PNC also.


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