Jagdeo accuses Govt of doing little to improve lives of young people



Some of the youths at the conference on Tuesday

The on-going youth conference that is being hosted in Georgetown with young people from all the Administrative Regions of Guyana is seen as another plan orchestrated by the coalition Government that is aimed at misleading the country’s youth.

This was according to Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo has reiterated that little has been done to improve the lives of young people in Guyana and as such, it has made it harder for them to get equal opportunities for advancement and progress in their personal and professional lives.

“They have promised free education and have failed to deliver on that. They have made it harder for young people to attend the University of Guyana with an increase in fees,” he explained.

Opposition leader Dr Bharrat Jagdeo

Jagdeo says the conference is all gimmicky. He alleged that Legal Affairs Minister Basil Williams in a leaked email had stated that as it gets close to elections, “all that needs to be done is to get some international artiste from abroad to perform here and the current Government will win their votes”.

“Clearly he is underestimating young people”, the Opposition Leader declared.

The inaugural Youth Conference is being held with the aim of giving youths across Guyana the opportunity to voice their concerns and to make recommendation for youth development.

The two day conference according to Government will promote youth participation and inclusion in national issues.


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