Ithaca teen surrenders after killing father

Collis Joseph
Collis Joseph

An 18-year-old murder suspect has surrendered to the police after he allegedly killed his 41-year-old father during an argument at their Spencer Street, Ithaca home on Sunday.

The suspect, Rashoin Joseph, this morning, turned himself in at the Blairmont Police Station.

Collis Joseph, a cattle farmer and father of four, succumbed to injuries he received after his son allegedly struck him with a cutlass.

It is alleged that the two had a misunderstanding on Saturday where they accused each other of using their personal belongings; they had also threatened to kill each other.

On Sunday morning, the two had an encounter after which the teenager went home and was followed by his father where an argument ensued.

They both armed themselves with cutlasses and during the argument the victim threw his cutlass at Rashoin. However the weapon missed the teenager and fell into a nearby trench.

In retaliating, Rashoin then threw his cutlass at the victim which hit him to the right side chest, causing him to fell to the ground.

The cattle farmer was taken to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Police are continuing their investigations.