IT Officer in GECOM’s flash drive scandal arrested

Enrique Livan

Enrique Livan [News Room Photo]
Enrique Livan, who is an IT staff at the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), has been arrested as police continue to investigate allegations of electoral fraud at the March 2 polls.

Livan was previously questioned by police on the evening of March 4 when the tabulation of votes for District Four at the Office of the Returning Officer [Ashmins Building] was obstructed.

Party agents and other observers became suspicious when Livan, after complaining of feeling tired and wanted to conclude the tabulation process, left the room with a flash drive and computer – both of which were being used during the tabulation process.

The police were called in and Livan was questioned.

The next day, embattled Returning Officer Clairmont Mingo made a fraudulent declaration which was eventually overturned by the courts.

Several persons, including Mingo, have been taken into custody as police continue to investigate the alleged electoral fraud.