Is social media contributing to infidelity? – iNews’ readers differ


SocialMediaConsultantSeattle[] – While the majority of respondents to iNews poll have agreed that social media is contributing to unfaithfulness in society others differ.

During the period Sunday May, 18 to Saturday May, 24 the question was asked: “Do you think that the advent of social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) contributes to unfaithfulness in our society?” Sixty one percent of respondents were in agreement while 36% voted no and a mere three percent were undecided.

In commentary gathered persons share the view that it is becoming easier for a spouse to cheat through social media sites or through texting. 

In fact, several men and women who admit to cheating said they used social media sites and online chat rooms in their affair.

Social media sites make it easier for those relationships to be establish.



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