IRO distances self from McGarrell’s Gay comments

Ronald McGarrell
Ronald McGarrell

[] – The Inter – Religious Organization (IRO) of Guyana has distanced itself from the comments regarding gays made by its member Pastor Ronald McGarrell.

McGarrell had expressed the view on local radio programme ‘Hard Talk’ on 90.1 FM that homosexuals and other persons with alternative sexual orientation should reside on an island by themselves, a comment that did not find favor with the minority community.

In response to this, Swami Aksharananda has categorically stated that the IRO has not developed a position on the question of persons with alternative lifestyles, “even though I know from many discussions that the majority of the members have extremely conservative views similar to those allegedly expressed by Pastor McGarrell.”

Aksharanandasaid one must also bear in mind that if the statement attributed to Pastor McGarrell was indeed what he said, then he would be obviously speaking from the narrow perspective of his faith community.

McGarrel had fear that the perversions of homosexuality would invoke a severe wrath of God/Creator.

In this regard, the IRO Member said the threat that Pastor McGarrell predicts makes it is difficult for us to understand what he means.

“From a Hindu point of view, while there is general acceptance of the traditional ideal family, as having at a minimum, a wife and a husband and children, there is nothing in Hinduism that warrants the demonization of persons with alternative lifestyles, let alone invoking the wrath of God on anyone.”

Aksharananda added “it seems that some men possess a mysterious ability to discern the will of God and to decide on whom God’s wrath should fall. The world becomes a simplistic place of us against them. But we know wherever this sharp polarization has been constructed between good and evil, between God and the Devil it has been accompanied by judgment and punishment, bloodshed and suffering.”

He reminded that all are assured that God loves unconditionally.

Additionally, the Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association (GRPA), for which the Pastoris a Board Member, has also distanced itself from his comments.

Calls were made for him to resign.




  1. Doesn’t the Minister in question of this controversy ever sing this song “Just as I am without a plea”?

  2. i am sure that the wrath of ALLAH will desend on the directors of the GRPA and its directors who refuse to stand by this god fearing man side, both nauth and Bisnauth are shameless persons who are just looking at the material benefits that can be obtain and forgetting that they will have to answer to god at the end.they are like Judas who sold Jesus for a few pieces of silver .shame on you all.

  3. Believer

    I too agree with both the Observer and Muslim. Let us stop being hypocritical. The many who are quick to pass judgement, I am sure share similar views as Pastor McGarrell. I thought this country was a democracy! What has happened to freedom of expression and the right to voice your opinion? Is this right only for the politicians?

    Let us judge a man by his worth and work, especially one who has devoted his life to help the under-privileged and those who are disadvantaged.. I wish Pastor McGarrell God’s richest blessings and the strength to continue his life’s mission with greater success. I invite those who are quick to judge him to follow in his footsteps.

  4. Let me remind you that there was no error in his expression what came out WAS DIRECTED BY GOD ALMIGHTY and he should not have any regret for what the lord has directed him to do

  5. I agree with Observer. The pastor’s body of work and his commitment and work with the underprivileged community should be taken into consideration. His error in expression should not be the sole criteria in evaluating his life.

  6. Pastor Ronald McGarrell is one of the hardest-working people I know….especially for young people. He has made a statement which I do not share. But I am there for him at this moment because what a person does in this life is so much more important most of the time than what they say…and Pastor Ronald McGarrelll has done far more than his fair share of work for the underprivileged of Guyana than many who are now so loud against him..

  7. Regarding Pastor Ronald McGarrel’s comments, I would agree that the views he expressed are narrow. We are all maturiting into the image of Christ moment by moment.

    I believe that rehabilitation would be a more appropriate response to his error in expression, rather than termination.

    Forgiveness is transformative. And the pastor can be valuable in bringing glory to God by expanding the views of his congregants to love and pray for the salvation those who don’t know Christ.

    It is essential that we in the body of Christ put into practice the love and forgiveness often preached about from the pulpit.


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