Investigators still trying to locate ex-boyfriend of murdered Sophia woman


By Kristen Macklingam

The ex-boyfriend of the woman whose body was fished out of a trench on Tuesday morning is yet to be located and apprehended by police ranks for questioning into the gruesome murder.

Simone Hackett, a resident of Sophia, Georgetown, had gone missing for some days before her lifeless body was discovered in a trench at Cummings Lodge, East Coast Demerara (ECD) by children going to school.

DEAD: Simone Hackett
DEAD: Simone Hackett

When her body was found there was a slash across her throat and wounds behind her neck.

Family members say Hackett’s ex-boyfriend who is also the father for her son, had telephoned her about picking up a package which he had sent with someone for her from Mahdia.

Their son’s birthday was last Sunday, and at least one of the items promised to Hackett, thought to be included in the package, was a gift for the little boy.

As a result of the telephone call from the father of her child, Hackett left her residence on Saturday night around 20:00h to uplift the package and never returned home.

Her sister was also scheduled to have gotten married on her son’s birthday and Hackett was supposed to be her Maid of Honor.

Realising that something had to be amiss since the young mother failed to return home after a certain time, family members desperately tried to make contact with her by calling her cellular phone but were unsuccessful in making contact.

Initial reports are that the young woman received a telephone call from her son’s father around 18:00 h on the day in question. After a few hours, she telephoned her mother around 22:10 h stating that she was at the University of Guyana (UG) standing waiting for the person to deliver the package.

A short while after she made contact with her family again notifying them that she was on the “line top” still standing, awaiting the arrival of the person whom her ex-boyfriend told her would be meeting her.

INews understands that her family then advised her not to wait any longer since it was late and that she should return home. However, she never did.

They are of the opinion that the ex-boyfriend knows something about the young woman’s death. They alleged that he has a history of threatening her since they encountered difficulties concerning the custody of their child.



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