Police one step closer in apprehending main suspect in Wakenaam businessman’s murder – sources


One man is now in police custody in connection with the murder of Wakenaam businessman, Mahendra Persaud, who was shot to his chest on Tuesday morning during a botched robbery in the city.

INews understands that his accomplice is still at large and police ranks pursuing the perpetrator are one step closer to apprehending him after reviewing CCTV footage from a business which is near to where the shooting occurred.

Murdered: Mahendra Persaud
Murdered: Mahendra Persaud

Reports are that the 26-year-old businessman who owns a hardware store in Wakenaam, Essequibo, was in the city to exchange items at a location near the Torginol Paints Inc store at Robb and Alexander Streets.

Sources say that moments after Persaud exited his vehicle he was accosted by a lone gunman who attempted to rob him of his cash and other valuables.

However, the young businessman resisted and put up a fight with the armed man, who in turn fired a shot to Persaud’s chest during the confrontation.

Upon hearing the gunshot, persons in the area scampered for safety, and another businessman who was in the area discharged a round in the direction of the bandit.

In an attempt to escape before he was shot or caught, the perpetrator then fled the crime scene in the direction of Robb Street firing shots as he ran to where his accomplice was waiting with a CG motorcycle.

The duo then made good their escape.

According to a police statement, Persaud was also said to have been run over by a car that was attempting to chase and apprehend the bandits.

However, he did not succumb at the scene; he was said to be alive and panting for breath after the car came off of him.

He was then rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) where he later succumbed.

According to investigators, after reviewing the CCTV footage they were able to identify one of the bandits since he is “known” to the police.

The probe into the matter is on-going and police are expected to nab the second perpetrator soon.










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