GRA stepping up pressure on Bai-Shan-Lin to pay outstanding taxes


The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) has already begun seizing company assets belonging to Chinese logging company, Bai-Shan-Lin over taxes owed to the State.

During a post-cabinet press briefing this afternoon, Natural Resources Minister Raphael Trotman stated that the Chinese company is no longer being given the privilege of doing what it wants in Guyana.

Minister Raphael Trotman
Minister Raphael Trotman

According to Minister Trotman, there has been no shipment of logs out of the country by Bai-Shan-Lin recently and GRA has already written an assessment and made a demand for the taxes which owed by the company.

“The GRA has gone ahead to take what equipment they could find.”

In relation to whether the APNU+AFC coalition is maintaining a relationship with the logging company, regardless of it not delivering on its end of the contract that it had inked while the former administration was in power, Trotman stated, “I can’t agree that it is a business as normal arrangement. That is not the case.”

It should be noted that a state-owned Chinese company has bought 51 per cent of the shares in Bai-Shan-Lin and it is expected to fully take over operations of the logging company within a few months.

Meanwhile, a team from the Chinese company is expected in Guyana sometime next month to meet with Guyanese government officials.



  1. GRA stepping up pressure on Bai-Shan-Lin to pay outstanding taxes.
    Its for the ears of their gullible this pr stunt.
    They know they need bai-shan more then bai shan needs them
    PNCites will cave into bai shan and leave kn mookreelall with their mouths open


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