International investors prefer to work with APNU+AFC Gov’t

Minister Harmon meeting with some international investors along with other officials of the Ministry of the Presidency. [Jules Gibson Photo]

Minister Harmon meeting with some international investors along with other officials of the Ministry of the Presidency. [Jules Gibson Photo]
Minister Harmon meeting with some international investors along with other officials of the Ministry of the Presidency. [Jules Gibson Photo]
[] – With Guyana preparing to reap the benefits of the ExxonMobil operations, international investors are taking the opportunity to get on board. Several oil and gas Executives met with Minister of State Joseph Harmon on Monday, July 13, where they revealed that despite possible challenges, Guyana is now at a cross roads and has a unique opportunity to grow economically through international investments.

According to a press release from the Ministry of the Presidency, the businessmen indicated that they have strong beliefs in doing business legally and ethically – thus their reasons for choosing to do business under the David Granger Administration.

“The investors made it clear that they would not have come to Guyana to operate the way business was done under the previous administration. They feel that Guyana is now in an era of legality, honesty and transparency that will attract more overseas investors,” the release noted.

According to the release, Minister Harmon told the group of executives that Government’s and President Granger’s intention is to create a level playing field for business, taking Guyana in direction that facilitates business that is neither characterized nor tainted with the kind of corruption that Guyana has become accustomed to from certain types of investments seen before.

“He noted too that it is the president’s intention to ensure that business in Guyana is facilitating, and that firmer business arrangements and business connections are established with the US.”

The release further noted that Harmon also explained that the establishment and appointment of a Minister of Business supports government’s intention of having a strong, legitimate and thriving business sector.

The Minister welcomed the investors and committed to ensuring that doing business with the international community is facilitated in an orderly and proper manner.



  1. Bibi I absolutely agree with your assessmrnt of our situation. Guyana is much too rich in natural resources and a relatively small population for our people to go begging for jobs in places like Barbados where they are treated like aliens from outer space and not members of a sister Caricom State. Way too rich in resources. Not that the local greed and corruption factors have been removed the people of our country should be able to enjoy some of that wealth. It is absolutely necessary that our people receive the relevant technical training to prepare them to be able to skillfully participate and eventually run the facilities on the horizon. Investors invest to make money if the skills are not available locally more of our profits will take flight. I envision the day when Guyanese are lining up to enthuistically return home present company included.

  2. emile , Investors are looking for money , money , and more money. The more money they get from you the more they ” like ” you. They didn’t ” like ” Burnham , but they “loved ” Hoyte . The gold investors complained that they paid the highest royalties in the world under the PPP/C . So they wouldn’t prefer to do business with them .They now see the coalition as following Hoyte style of doing business , so they would prefer to do business with them .On your mantra of thieves , your boys are no longer in opposition : they now have all the power in their hands to audit , investigate, arrest, charge and jail. Up to this point in time they have not revealed if they have found even hundreds missing , much less the missing trillions of U.S dollars they were shouting so much about. All we have now is the casting of aspersions. But probably it may be better to wait and see.

  3. Appreciate and share your concerns. The gold mining Industry should have and should now put aside some funds for rainy days. When gold prices jumped from 800 to 1200 to 1400 to 1500 and nearly $2000 per oz no one considered, it seemed to cater for a drop in the price of gold to below 1200 now. Likewise the rive industry should advise its farmers to save something for a rainy day when world prices drop sometime steeply due to recession or natural disasters affecting one’s economy. Looking forward to better judgement by everyone.

  4. The contract negotiations with investors and the current administration should include comparable salary for Guyanese workers based on cost of living plus. It was noted that past administration told investors to give workers minimum wage or even below minimum wage especially in Linden( with the investors in the bauxite). The past administration was very wicked and had no interest in the economic growth and development of the nation. The world saw their blatant corrupt behaviors and unprofessional practices as so called leaders. They need to be behind bars.

    ExxonMobil operations is a multi trillion dollar company. The people of Guyana must be given good jobs and training to qualify them for the good jobs, so that they can live a middle class life with all the natural resources we have here. We need to have the same for the gold industry and all other contracts granted. How much money is being paid to these workers who sacrifice and take risk of their lives every day as miners. Pictures show so many young men are going into the field as miners. What about encouraging them to school and qualify for the high tech jobs that they can benefit more in owning and controlling our resources .

    We are tired of seeing our resources being given away to wealthy companies and our country not benefiting from it and the majority of its people poor. Guyana and its nation should be one of the richest country in the world with tangible wealth. We cannot continue to give away our human and natural resources.

    Guyana was knows as the bread basket of the Caribbean and the scholars. The children loved school and were highly educated, crime was extremely low, people were prospering and foreign investors involved in our natural resources spread the wealth to the nation. We see as evident by the findings of the new administration that Guyana’s wealth was pocketed for 23 years by a few politicians and their cronies .

    The present administration should look at the business model which was used for the Canadians and the Bauxite Industry and have the current investors use that model for their employees bringing it up to 21st century standard of living and salary, etc. Employees and their families lived mainly a middle class life in Mackenzie/Linden The children were given scholarships to universities, those who excelled in academics and became engineers, doctors, etc. Housing were built for all employees and their families, roads were constructed, etc. Look at the sugar industry model also.

    We need to negotiate to keep some gas/oil pipelines for our country also to be control by the Guyana government. Do not give everything away!!!!.

    Please let the the office of the Minister of Business an Minister Harmon become aware of this information.They need to be reminded.

  5. Way to go…..a level playing field and transparency. No hush, hush and secret deals. Beware, though of some smooth talkers. Best wishes for Guyana’s economic & social development.


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