Initial assessment puts Harbour Bridge damage above $20M


By Leroy Smith

Workers execute repairs to the DHB last evening. [iNews' Photo]
Workers execute repairs to the DHB last evening. [iNews’ Photo]
[]The Demerara Harbour Bridge (DHB) will have to undergo repairs in excess of $20 million and that figure is expected to climb.

The repairs are necessary after an oil tanker slammed into the bridge on January 5, minutes after the pilot disregarded the direction of the bridge controllers.

Speaking with iNews last evening, moments after the bridge was closed  to vehicular traffic; General Manager of the DHB, Rawlston Adams said that the $20 million initial price tag for the repairs have not received a positive nod from those who are liable with respect to damage even as investigations are still to be carried out.

Adams told iNews that workers did preparatory works on the bridge ahead of the massive works which were schedule for later in the night into this morning.

When this news agency visited the Bridge, all materials, machinery and workers were set in wait until the bridge was closed. The structure did not close at 22:00 hours as the management had initially reported but rather a grace period of half hour was given for commuters to cross the Bridge.

The works entailed the removal and replacement of one of the transoms, the changing or four connecting posts and the testing of the retractor span. The bridge has been unable to open since Sunday’s incident and once all the works which were carried out last evening into this morning went according to plan, the first retraction since Sunday will be today at 11:00 hrs.

Repairs being carried out on the DHB. [iNews' Photo]
Repairs being carried out on the DHB. [iNews’ Photo]
Present to witness the work last evening was Public Works Minister Robeson and Engineer, Walter Willis.

All hands were on board and workers were visibly working hard and fast to ensure they met the deadline set out to have the works completed.



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