Infrastructure, Sport Medicine among recommendations for Olympic Association


unnamed (2)[] – The development of sport infrastructure and the practical knowledge by trainers and coaches were two topical issues raised last evening (Friday, April 11) when the Guyana Olympic Association held a consultation at the Young Men’s Christian Association Building on Thomaslands.

The event was attended by members of the various sport bodies as well as the public and private sector.

More infrastructure according to one participant is what the sector needs, as a comparison was drawn to other smaller Caribbean Countries in the same discipline.

Another issue raised was the ignorance of coaches to sport medicine, banned substances and in what situations to employ techniques.

Rehabilitation of injured athletes was also an issue which captured the attention of many citizens present and the recommendation was made for trainers to be taught how to properly care for athletes who are injured and are in recovery phase.

While the issue of ‘Favoritism’ was raised in the selection of teams for international competitions; a recommendation for a network of athletes across the country in various disciplines was also put forth, much to the approval of the crowd.unnamed (3)

The initiative taken by the GOA, was heavily praised with some circles calling for more active input by the public in the development of sport locally.

Others called on the Government to mirror the activity set up by the GOA, allowing more democracy in the sport sector’s development.

The event was well attended by various associations which fall under the Olympic Association as well as those who are not affiliated.




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