Indigenous people need to stop collecting ‘handouts’ – Minister Allicock

Minister of Indigenous peoples’ Affairs, Sydney Allicock while addressing Indigenous leaders at the Annai Institute Building, Bina Hill.
Minister of Indigenous peoples’ Affairs, Sydney Allicock while addressing Indigenous leaders at the Annai Institute Building, Bina Hill.

[] – Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, Sydney Allicock says there is need for a more strategic and integrated approach as it relates to the development of Indigenous communities.

During his address to Indigenous leaders of North Rupununi, Region Nine recently, Minister Allicock said that Indigenous people need to move away from collecting handouts. In this regard, the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, is prepared to support any viable community projects.

The minister noted that the North Rupununi District Development Board (NRDDB) will now have the opportunity to truly fulfill its mandate, as they were given the responsibility to assist in overseeing community development projects in the North Rupununi. The Board will be working closely with the communities to implement sustainable, income generating projects, and also provide technical support in this regard.

“We must have a district that we could manage effectively, have economic strength for our community. All projects we will be looking at should have an economic slant to it and we will support you with your ideas,” Minister Allicock told the leaders.

He further noted that the Ministry along with the NRDDB will be closely monitoring the projects to ensure they are sustained.

A section of those gathered at the meeting
A section of those gathered at the meeting

The Minister also took the opportunity to highlight the five-year strategic plan for Indigenous development. This plan encapsulates a Hinterland Education Support Programme, Hinterland Poverty Reduction Programme, Hinterland Employment and Youth Service, Hinterland Infrastructure Extension, Hinterland Happy Household and Energy Development Programme, Hinterland and Indigenous Land Commission, Hinterland Language, Culture and Sports Commission, Hinterland Tourism Development Service, and Hinterland Public Service Provision Scheme.

Minister Allicock urged the leaders to put aside their political differences, and examine those programmes and support them so that there can be development in the Hinterland.

To further boost community projects, the Ministry will be launching a Youth Skills Training programme on October 01. This initiative will replace the YEAP programme, and will allow Indigenous youths to become certified in areas such as tourism, agriculture, mechanical engineering, among other areas. [Extracted and modified from GINA]




  1. claudeston messiah you must have suffered a heavy dose of amnesia. For 28 long years your PNC neglected these same people. Now you are indicating that the PPP/C did nothing for them. You may fool some of us but not all of us.

    We know what the PPP/C has done for all Guyanese while in office. They have moved this country and its citizens forward regardless of race or political affiliation.

  2. They deserve no less. It is hoped that our government will do a much better job by these people than the previous administration.

  3. While many Indigenous Guyanese Citizens have done very well for themselves, there is just too high a percentage who continue to struggle in poverty. Best wishes for the development of Guyana’s Indigenous Peoples as Guyana heads to its 50th Independence anniversary.


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