Illegal airstrip construction: Accused businessman granted $1M bail

Accused: Hutashan Ramsingh

The Lethem businessman who was arrested and charged in connection with the construction of an illegal airstrip in Lethem, on Tuesday, received bail when he appeared at the High Court.

Accused: Hutashan Ramsingh

Hutashan Ramsingh, 44, also called Seon Singh, stood before Justice Brassington Reynolds and had his Attorney Jerome Khan in association with Attorney-at-law Ian Chang make a petition for bail to be granted on his behalf.

As such, bail was granted in the sum of 1 million dollars with the businessman being required to report to the Lethem Police Station every Monday starting January 8, 2018.

The matter was transferred to the Lethem Magistrate’s Court for March 5, 2018.

It is alleged that on August 10 and August 13, 2017, at Mandacoro Island Savannah, Lethem, Ramsingh conspired with persons known and unknown to facilitate the illegal landing of an aircraft on an unauthorized port of entry.

The illegal plane that landed on the unauthorised airstrip in Region nine

Following the discovery of the said airstrip mentioned in the charge, Ramsingh and two other residents of Lethem- Wazim King, 37, and Nathan Hamilton, 21, -were flown to Georgetown to assist with investigations.

Ramsingh was released on $50,000 station bail while King and Hamilton were hauled before the courts and charged with a similar offence of conspiracy to commit a felony.

They are presently out on $400,000 bail and the case is before the Lethem Magistrate’s Court.

Following his release in September, the Police had reported that Ramsingh had fled the jurisdiction but his lawyer refuted this claim by contending that Ramsingh became fearful for his life and was keeping a low profile working in the Savannahs after he heard that some people were looking to kill him.

It was reported that his vehicle was seen frequenting the area where the airstrip was discovered and where an illegal aircraft landed a while after.

In August of this year, an abandoned Brazilian-registered Kingair Beechcraft PR-1MG was discovered on an illegal airstrip in the vicinity of Santa Fe, Rupunini. The aircraft, which is reported to have been involved in the trafficking of guns and drugs was seized by local authorities.



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