IAC calls gov’t to make crime prevention a priority

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Police-300x189[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Indian Action [formerly Arrival] Committee (IAC) says it is gravely concerned over the numerous incidents of crime which has seemingly engulfed many parts of Guyana.

A press release noted that the IAC’s concern is not confined just to the high number of major crimes but at the plethora of petty related incidents which continue to plague the country.

“This apparent spike in crime-related activities recently, continues to instill fear in the populace and has a negative impact on investments, business and commerce. The IAC believes that if this is not brought under control at the soonest, the related impact could be harmful to the local economy and Guyana’s international image as a whole.”

The IAC calls on the relevant authorities to immediately present to the Guyanese people a plan of action, which must be implemented forthwith, to counter and reduce the current high incidents of crime.

“This plan and its related actions will serve to instill a sense of security in Guyanese and help to restore their confidence in those tasked to protect.”

The IAC is of the firm view that mechanisms to mitigate the current spate of crime must be given utmost priority having being cognizant of its negative redounding effects. It therefore urges the government to adapt a zero-tolerance approach in an effort to bring the perpetrators to justice and will support pertinent related interventions to bring the situation under control.

“While mindful of the challenges resources may present in combating crime, the IAC would like to suggest an efficient use for maximum results. The IAC also calls on Guyanese to take all necessary precautions for their protection and to be extremely careful when in the process of transacting business.”

According to the organization, the movement of large sums of cash, when necessary, must be approached with exceptional care being mindful of the related risks. All must remain vigilant and any suspicious activity or persons must be reported.

It is in this context that the IAC calls on members of the law enforcement agencies to be in a state of readiness for any necessary response which must uncompromisingly be, swift and targeted.



  1. IAC, please, instead of fear-mongering, just give the new govt a chance. You were silent along, except around Indian Arrival day or Hindu holidays. Your sudden burst of actions vigilance suggest that you were quite comfortable with the previous administration’s ability to look into the interest of the Indo-Guyanese. I guess it was because the Indian interest was almost exclusively the priority of the previous administration that is why you are afraid now. You are afraid that the new govt will return the same favor. I believe and I hope they will surprise you. Or maybe you are just filling in for the missing opposition.

  2. Wonder why no one heard from the IAC when Roger Khan was terrorizing Guyanese or when Waddell was gunned down or Crum-Ewing met his untimely death at the hands of murderers. This scourge must be stamped out no question but let us not be selective in our demands on the government. The IAC was noticeably quiet during and after the above killings particularly during the Khan reign of terror. You give the PPP a pass let’s give this administration support and the time to deal with these garbage. Maybe your organization can provide a substantial reward for information to assist in the apprehension of these thugs.


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