“I am not a ceremonial Prime Minister” – Nagamootoo defends his role

Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo takes his oath to office. [iNews' Photo

By Jomo Paul

Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo takes his oath to office. [iNews' Photo
Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo takes his oath to office. [iNews’ Photo
[www.inewsguyana.com] Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo is fiercely defending the components of the Cummingsburg Accord including those which relegate certain responsibilities to him.

Prime Minister Nagamootoo during an appearance on a popular local radio show – Hard Talk made it clear that his office is not purely ceremonial and he has an important role to play in the day to day affairs of Guyana aand the APNU+AFC Administration.

“Ministers routinely would call me and we would discuss with them their line Ministry and we would discuss what is the way forward, if they have some particular problem…I am not a ceremonial Prime Minister. I am a politician and I am fiercely involved in the affairs of the country…I am deeply involved,” Prime Minister Nagamootoo declared.

He said that in the APNU+AFC administration, the Prime Minister “is more or less a partner of the President. We consult on a number of issues….I believe that I occupy a very strategic role in the administration of the country.”

Referring to the Cummingsburg Accord and adhering to the principles set out therein, Nagamootoo indicated that the the accord itself is “not immutable” noting that the accord is not something that is cast in stone.

“I cannot allow myself to fall into a modus of pettiness, where I just say oh I was promised this, and I was promised that and the other thing and I didn’t get it. This is not about the I’s, this is about the we, this is about us,” he emphasized.

As it relates to him not Chairing Cabinet as was stipulated in the Accord, Nagamootoo said “I am not bothered by that.”

He pointed out that Nigel Hughes is the Alliance For Change representative while Joseph Harmon represents A Partnership For National Unity (APNU) with respect to current discussions relative to the adherence and modification of the accord between the two parties.




  1. Stop chasing after people’s wealth…if the wealth was not stolen from the treasury or country.
    Now, if you have 1 million dollars in the bank and someone stole half of it, wouldn’t you want it back?
    Guyanese want back their money, regardless of what you or the thieves think or say!

  2. I’m lost for words, i cant believe that people are actually defending the PPPC regime.These people don’t care about Guyana,they are so evil.How selfish do you have to be to do this to your homeland, now they want to stir up trouble in the coalition.Mr prime minister you do your thing.Guyana is behind you and the PPPC will never see office again.

  3. What I believe is the problem is that the people are measuring the former Prime Minister role which was doing nothing and just being a photo op man for the PPP party.

    Prime Minister Nagamootoo actually works and has tangible responsibilities and has demonstrated and continue to demonstrate his role in the coalition. Read the news and follow the progress of the new government. He works with the President and ministers of the cabinet to find solutions and to build a better nation.

    People are trying to create a division within the coalition. However the coalition members are too smart and understand the divide and concur strategy.

  4. Alesha Persaud, you are more stupid than you look….so, crime has skyrocketed since the new administration took over???…please go finish your education and come back in a few years when you have something productive to say – another uneducated, illiterate pro-PPP supporter who no doubt has fled guyana to live in the promised land and watch day time TV whilst you should be in “School” educating yourself….over the past 23 years, crime, corruption, theft on a grand scale has taken place and whilst you try as hard as you can to impersonate a bollywood actress and fail dismally, the running in to the ground of Guyana has taken place…

  5. Coalition Governments are never easy to manage.

    Firstly, who gets what ministerial position, can be a very rancorous process. And that is just ONE aspect of this arrangement.

    Being able to work together afterwards, and to agree on most issues is another.

    The David Cameron Conservatives in the UK, coalition with The Liberal Democrats, was a classic case for reference.

    Eventually causing the demise of both the Labour Party, and the Liberal Democrats to lose the last election.

  6. Stop chasing after People wealth to develop Guyana! You all need to think of ways to create jobs! Stop living in the past and let your EGO destroy the country. Moses and this fool are both un-educated clowns from Jagan days that never made it up the ladder of success! Instead of the APNU trying to chase after Jagdeo wealth to develop guyana, create a solid foundation to create jobs, boost the economy value and most importantly decrease crime rates….since APNU took office crime in Guyana has sky rocketed. Where is Ramjattan hiding when people are getting gun down, robbed? Why are the playing blind eyes and only focusing on the past administration? We need to focus on the future of Guyana not the past! Is this the APNU ability to develop Guyana? God help them because the PNC has raised again to destroy Guyana to the floor!

  7. I have been asking the same question, what is the PM responsibilities? To say that he has been afforded the respect of his colleagues on a consultative basis does not say exactly what is his role in Government.
    Sam had energy and GPL under hs portfolio but did little in terms of policy implementation and government with the exception of been the government leader in Parliment.
    I believe that with the new ministries he had some roles thrusted upon him and he should have answered in the perspective. That apart from holding a constitutional office there are a number of other forts that he has inforamtion ect.
    Keep your head on PM…

  8. Pedro; you’re someone with your finger on the pulse of Guyana. It’s not an easy road ahead, but it’s persons like yourself, and I might I add I, who have got to ensure, in our own little ways, that a spade is called a spade, Jack get’s his jacket, and that what is better for all is held above the individual good, no matter what office is at issue. Moses Nagamootoo has his role to play; I hold him to his statements regarding healing and unity (http://gtmosquito.com/mozzy-news/transcript-of-moses-nagamootoos-speech-at-the-alliance-launch-march-4-2015/). I hope that his wife shall share some of her “strength of a woman” with other Guyanese women. She appears to be the quiet storm that Guyana needs to unleash in order to realise our full potential as One People, One Nation, One Destiny. I can see her being for our nation, what I saw Elizabeth Harper being… well had she been on the APNU+AFC side.

  9. You sure are right on that pedro. Some people just trying to stir up problems. Nagamootoo knows his self well and can perform. Let them remember he is the 1st Vice President of Guyana.

  10. Moses,
    It is all about optics. Though the Constitution is supreme to the Accord, voters were galvanized by the coalition, which took its cue from the Accord.
    Revisit the AFC’s initial position that it wanted to lead the coalition, and consider the fact that the position changed to allow the AFC to chair cabinet meetings and have a direct say in the day-to-operations of government.
    It diminished high expectations, which may explain why most Indian voters ran back to vote PPP, but to those who held on and voted coalition, the least the looked forward to was the coalition adhering to its agreement. Any changes could have come later on, and anything that resembled a watering down of the PM’s duties will be construed as a violation of the Accord. The last thing the coalition wants is to lose the support of its fragile base.
    Now, besides being a general partner with the President, you are responsible for Information, yet it seems like all information is coming out of the Presidential Secretariat. So, what specifically are your ministerial responsibilities?
    I am rooting for you guys, so use tact going forward since all eyes are on you guys.

  11. Primeminister Nagamootoo is a vital cog in the Collition government.He is the most experienced politician in the government and knows the inner workings of the PPP.He still has many supporters in the PPP who are looking to him, especially, to ensure the Coallition is in truth a government of inclusion and not the “old” PNC in new clothes.He is definitely not like the PM in the last government.Just watch him in action.He is by far the best speaker in the Coallition.


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