Hururu Academy to reopen in January 2024

A classroom at Hururu Academy

Approximately 120 secondary school students will soon be able to attend classes at Hururu Academy in Region Ten, as the school is scheduled to undergo repairs with the aim of reopening in January 2024.

The school has been closed since 2020, with the student population relocated to Kwakwani Secondary .

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill, made the announcement regarding rehabilitation of the facility during a recent visit to the community.

The aim is to collaborate with community leaders and the Department of Education in Region Ten, to enhance the school’s structural integrity . The minister called for greater involvement of residents, to bring the project into fruition.

“I’m sure there are skilled people in the community who could help. This is your property, the whole of Hururu belongs to you. The building is your property. The government will work with you in repairing and enhancing it,” the minister said.

He added, “we have to get that spirit of community and self-help again, because if that spirit disappears, we will stop looking out for each other. I believe a good way to start is working in collaboration with the region, the government, the ministry of education, on a project that you asked for and that His Excellency agreed to.”

Once reopened, the school will ensure students from Central Hururu and the neighbouring communities of Kitupin, Ladernsville, and Mapletown have better access to education.

Meanwhile, the minister also handed over several electric fans to Hururu Nursery School, in keeping with another promise made by government during a recent visit.