Human Resource Development placed under CARICOM’s spotlight


Placing the focus on the implementation of a Human Resource Development Strategy, CARICOM’s 34th Council for Human and Social Development (COHSOD) meeting was on Thursday launched at the Theatre Guild Playhouse.

The meeting, which is expected to last for a period of two days, is being held under the theme “Positioning human resource development as central to Caribbean resilience and development.”

Ambassador Irwin LaRocque

According to the CARICOM Secretary General, Ambassador Irwin LaRocque, the meeting has been convened against the backdrop of the adoption of the Human Resource Development 2030 Strategy.

Ambassador LaRocque told media operatives that the task before the Ministers at the seminar urges that they agree on regional actions with regards to the strategic priorities identified in the past.

“Implementation is key so that we can address the deficiencies at all levels of the education system including childhood development at the primary and secondary levels, in teritiary education and lifelong building. This is to ensure that the people of a region are adequately equipped with 21st century skills and competencies, to highlight the importance of the milestones which the HR Development strategy represents and to place it in a broader context. We must recognize that until independence, as small post-colonial Caribbean states we face tremendous challenges,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chairwoman for the 34th session, Surinamese Education, Youth and Culture Minister, Lillian Ferrier noted that in the present circumstances there are several developments, which provide new and exciting opportunities for children and youths, and others, which threaten their aspirations as pointed out in the HRD Strategy.

“The HRD Strategy recognizes the significant gains which we have made in the education [sector] as a region since attaining Independence in the 1960s and 70s and the outstanding contribution to our societies,[and] countries …made by persons who are shaped by that system.”

Additionally, Education Minister Nicolette Henry delivered welcoming remarks and thanked CARICOM for organizing the meeting.



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