How far have we come: Teixeira disputes the ‘underground economy’ and corruption

Presidential Advisor on on Governance: Gail Teixeira
Presidential Advisor on on Governance: Gail Teixeira

[]Presidential Advisor on Governance Gail Teixeira has rebelled against the idea that Guyana’s major problem, as it matures and now celebrates 48 years as an independent nation is the drug trade.

Teixeira, who was speaking during the radio programme, ‘Hard Talk’ on 90.1 FM admitted that there is drug activity in Guyana but said it is not as major as people; particularly the opposition makes it out to be.

“There is no country that doesn’t have drug activity” she said, adding that drugs do not fuel the economy in any major way. The Presidential Advisor said the notion that the drug trade is largely responsible for economic growth is an opposition peddled line that has caught considerable momentum.

She said over the last 20 years there have been an emerging middle class which has attracted a ‘class prejudice’ where people link these persons to the drug activity.

“I rebel against that view, it is insulting and offensive.”

“We have come a long way particularly in the last ten years we made enormous strides” she said.

Teixeira recalled what she said was a difficult anti-colonial struggle where political forces were divided and said after the 1992 elections, which is said to be the first free and fair elections, there was the reconstruction of the democratic architecture which has brought the country to achieve consecutive economic growth over the last eight years.

“That is an outstanding achievement and as Guyanese we must be proud, it wasn’t an easy task.”

She admitted that there still exist poverty and unemployment but at reduced levels.

Meanwhile, on the topic of freedom of the press, which is said to be the hallmark of democracy, the Presidential Advisor maintained that Guyana fosters an extraordinary free and open press.

She pointed too to the administration’s efforts to fight corruption in the public sector.

“I know the impression is that everyone at the top is corrupt but that is not true and in cases where it is information has to be available… once available government prepares to act.”

Teixeira said Guyana major challenge and it gears to celebrate its 48th Independence Anniversary on May 26 is climate change and threat to parliamentary democracy. 



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