Hours after doctor robbed on Croal St police arrest suspect with gun in crotch

The weapon found in the suspects crotch

Several hours after two identifiable men on a scooter robbed a Nicaraguan doctor of a sum of cash and some documents at Croal Street, Bourda, around 10:00h on Wednesday, police arrested one of the suspects at Leopold Street.

The suspect identified as a 40-year-old carpenter of Laing Avenue reportedly admitted to aiding in the escape of the other suspect from the scene.

According to information from the police, a search of his person revealed an unlicenced silver .38 special revolver concealed in his crotch, which is reportedly identical to the one used in the commission of the crime.

Moreover, the police detailed that during the process of retrieving the weapon, the suspect received an injury to his face when he reportedly resisted arrest and engaged in a scuffle with an officer in a bid to escape.

Police say efforts are being made to have the other suspect apprehended and investigations continue.



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