‘Hindu School’ produces CXC Top Students; QC shines at CAPE

Officials from the Education Ministry announcing the results.

By Jomo Paul

Guyana's Top CSEC Student: 17-year-old Victoria Najab of the West Coast "Swami" school has secured 20 Grades Ones at this years CSEC Exam
Guyana’s Top CSEC Student: 17-year-old Victoria Najab of the West Coast “Swami” school has secured 20 Grades Ones at this years CSEC Exam

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Ministry of Education has released the results of the 2015 Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) and the Caribbean Secondary Examinations Council (CSEC), which show Queens College dominating the CAPE performances and Saraswati Vidya Niketan (SVN), a private school at Cornelia Ida, in Region Three copping the four top students.

SVN had more than 10 students in the preliminary results with Victoria Najab [Top Student] receiving 20 grade ones, Vamanad Hiralall with 19 grade ones and one grade two.

Two other students of the school also scored 13 grade ones and these were Parmeshrie Ramprasad and Nashani Nandalal. Aaliyah Rasheed of Anna Regina Secondary scored 19 Grade Ones. Joshanna Hopksinson and Ashley Anthony of Queens College scored 18 and 17 Grade ones, respectively.

Meanwhile, Cecil Cox of Queens College scored six Grade Ones and one Grade Three at CAPE, while Larissa Whiltshire also of Queens College scored 6 Grade ones.

Sasha Woodroffe, also of Queens College, scored 6 Grade Ones, while Shonta Noel of St Roses scored six Grade ones and one Grade Two, both at CAPE. iNews will provide more information shortly.



  1. I’m proud of you all young entrpenuers for the next generation. Keep the good work up and expand the knowledge to others. Blessed!
    Sophia Nyc.

  2. Congrats to ALL the successful students their parents and patient and caring teachers. GOVERNMENT PEOPLE you have an obligation to help and provide support to these children to excel higher to help build and live in their Motherland. CHILDREN be patriotic to your COUNTY if not so much the GOVERNMENT.

  3. Congratulations to all the successful students and a very special congratulations to the ones who have done exceptionally well. Most of all Victoria Najab and the schools I also congratulate for the dedicated Teachers and others. I would like though to ask, why do the children have to study so many subjects and CSEC Exam?

  4. Congratulations are extended to these and other students who excelled at the CSEC Exams. Special congratulations are extended to Principal, Staff and Students of Saraswati Vidya Niketan. The results have matched that the reverent name of that institution. May The Goddess of Knowledge (Saraswati Devi) continue to shine her divine light upon your school.

  5. Congratulations to everyone and to Saraswati Vidya Niketan for yet another outstanding performance. You must be doing something right.


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