Hindu body headed by PPP/C Candidate against presidential pardon of child-killer

Dr. Vindhya Persaud
Dr. Vindhya Persaud
Dr. Vindhya Persaud

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha headed by former PPP/C parliamentarian and current candidate Dr. Vindhya Persaud has expressed disappointment with the decision of former President Donald Ramotar to pardon Ravindra Deo who was convicted for murdering eight-year-old Vishnu Bhim.

The Sabha in a statement noted that in Guyana, violence against children is still prevalent and “too often we read in the media about unspeakable acts being committed against our innocent little ones.”

The Sabha believes that the pardoning and subsequent release of a child-killer sends the wrong signal to those who have committed or are inclined to commit such acts.

“Indeed, the Sabha is of the firm view that the most severe punishments should be meted out to those who inflict harm on children,” the statement noted.

Former President, Donald Ramotar
Former President, Donald Ramotar

The Former President on Friday, May 22 refused to answer questions about his decision to grant a presidential pardon to Deo who was convicted for kidnapping and killing the 8 – year – old child in 1994.

During a press conference at Freedom House, two reporters asked the former President to explain his decision in the interest of the public; however Ramotar refused, stating “I will deal with that another time… This press conference wasn’t called for that.”

Dead: Vishnu Bhim
Dead: Vishnu Bhim

Deo was serving a life imprisonment sentence for killing the child; prior to this sentence he was given the death penalty, which was later commuted to a life sentence.

Bhim was the only child of his parents, who have since migrated to the United States. The parents, Heeralall and Chaimwatie Bhim are reportedly in a state of shock and disbelief at Ramotar’s decision.

Ravindra Deo. [Photo taken from Stabroek News]
Ravindra Deo. [Photo taken from Stabroek News]
The child killer, who is now 39, was just 19 years old when he kidnapped and murdered the 8 year-old who was on his way home from school. He had reportedly demanded a ransom of $1M.

Following the child’s murder, Deo was arrested in America Street, on December 1, 1994. He then led detectives to the boy’s body which was bound gagged and battered in the backdam at La Bonne Intention.


  1. Well said Anand, she is a soup drinker, all of a sudden!! watch out she may even switch platforms to APNU/AFC ha ha ha

    Was she who implemented or try to implement “No liquor License for Hindu Wedding”. Come on she try to hurt her own people.

  2. CARL Greenidge is not a financial expert, he is not a money manager, and he is not a world class economist. If he is so much of an expert, how was he capable of taking Guyana to bankruptcy? Why is he beating around the bush? Guyana ran bankrupt when he was Finance Minister. Guyana was hopeless under his financial guidance.

    For example, what kind of ‘national economy manager’ would oversee a country being plunged to a halt, that caused long queues for basic food items, and essentials such as gasoline and cooking gas; shops with empty shelves; businesses having to close their doors because of foreign exchange and cash flow challenges, and many other indignities too numerous to mention.
    It was a period, under Greenidge’s stewardship, that witnessed many children being forced to leave school so as to augment the family budget, because their parents suffered re-deployment, an euphemism for being laid off from their jobs. This could be said to be one of the main contributors to the decline in literacy which became a fact in this nation.
    Guyana under Carl Greenidge was classed as the second poorest country in the western hemisphere and was ranked below Haiti because of its financial crisis, and it was Mr. Greenidge himself who declared that Guyana was bankrupt.
    Does Carl Greenidge deserve to be the Minister of Finance if the A Partnership for National Unity has a shot at winning the May 11th 2015 elections? I think the answer is clear for all to see

  3. A lie repeated often enough… becomes gospel to the ignorant. Granger was NOT the army chief under the Burnham Administration; Norman McLean was his boss. Carl Greenidge was Finance Minister in the Hoyte Administration.

  4. You need to go and study Guyana history from some of those old people. This new government has some of the same people that was in the BURNHAM ADMINSTRATION. They were the ones who held GUYANA hostage for 28 years ,they still have blood on their hands. What they did was nothing compared to the PPP ADMINSTRATION. They know the art of rigging very good. You need a lot of education about GUYANA HISTORY. For your information to name a few GRANGER WAS THE ARMY CHIEF AND CARL GEENIDGE WAS FINANCE MINISTER UNDER THE BURNHAM ADMINISTRATION. ITS YOUNG PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHO ARE VOTING FOR THESE PEOPLE.

  5. Shut ur face!! And accept the defeat … ppp try to rig the elections and the plan back fire on them… all yaa living n denial. Lose is lose!!! And u defending Romatar sayin he has a reason wat reason is that? So that the xcon can now make more mischief under the apnu government??!!! He has a plan … u should be ashamed wonder wa u wuda say if was ur child …. heartless fool uu!!! .. go educate urself and stop being Romatar’s perfect jacka**

  6. Yall hoodwinked two of our top notch self claim Presidents in waiting.
    I can make some rubber stamps.

  7. First of all Sam PPP never lost an election. Say what you want and Secondly the man had a reason for doing what he did. It will all be explained but you people just like to jump up and make a lot of noise. You know what they say about empty barrels??Anyway go read a book and settle all of you.

  8. If he, Ramotar can do this, it’s clear the vision the PPP had for Guyana. I wonder what SECRETS, Ravindra Deo has on them?

  9. Of course his release of that murderer is atrocious. The PPP should get rid of Donald Ramotar. The man lost two elections and let a child murderer out. How in tarnation is he still around?

  10. you shall answer at your own time , WOW, you get 120,000.oo usd dollars, the people of this country pays you , per mth,

    you have so much pride, WOW, SENERIO, in the future, now are you willing to answer the question on why you pardon the CHILD KILLER, now that YOU, AND AND YOUR MINISTERS OF GOVERMENT, ( FORMER), are been held in the same prison as THE JAILED CHILD KILLER,

  11. How come none of your saying anything about this??? Your government letting a child killer out and none of you saying nothing about it. I was for the PPP/C but the shit that’s coming out now makes me sick. I hope this new government get things done. All the lies and lawlessness must stop. I want the young Guyanese to stand up and tell those old people where to go.


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