High Court restrains Moviestar from illegally broadcasting FIFA World Cup Games

CEO of NCN, Molly Hassan
CEO of NCN, Molly Hassan

[www.inewsguyana.com] – National Communications Network (NCN) Guyana today secured an injunction restraining Moviestar / Quark from broadcasting the FIFA World Cup 2014 games currently being held in Brazil. NCN is the sole licensed holder for the Games in Guyana.

Court documents obtained by iNews revealed that Moviestar started pirating the games despite being warned by way of a letter indicating that they were not allowed to broadcast the games.

According to the court documents, despite the notice, Moviestar ignored the warnings and aired the games from an EPSN feed for which they had no authorization.

“Mr. Federico Peres of ESPN with responsibility for the region confirmed that Moviestar had no rights to broadcast the games nor do they have a contract with ESPN for any of their signals either US or Caribbean,” the documents revealed.

It was noted that Moviestar along with Atlantic Cable Television were sent Cease and Desist orders from ESPN which were also lodged with the newly formed GBNA to stop broadcasting their signals.

The only providers authorized to show the FIFA games are E-Networks Inc and Stabroek TV who bought the rights via NCN.

Recently, Chief Executive Officer of the Company, Molly Hassan during an interview with iNews had stated that NCN spent millions to secure the exclusive rights and as such, the Company must be allowed to see its returns.

She had also made it clear that NCN will be monitoring the games throughout the country and any evidence that the games are being aired in open spaces without the permission of NCN would be documented and brought to the relevant bodies.



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