Health Ministry’s surveillance officer tests positive for Covid-19


A COVID-19 surveillance officer attached to the Ministry of Health was on Monday tested positive for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

A reliable source informed this publication that the employee is a 30-year-old female.

The woman would have informed the Ministry that she was in contact with a family member who was tested positive.

Following this revelation, all staffers within the department were tested and sent on home quarantine pending results.

When contacted and asked about the situation, Deputy Chief Medical Officer (DCMO), Karen Gordon-Boyle declined to comment on the situation. She said, “that is what I would not comment on.”

The Surveillance Unit deals strictly with contact tracing of positive cases and daily follow-ups of repatriates. When asked if contact tracing will be paused, the DCMO noted that “work continues.”

She added that health officials in each region will now do contact tracing.

“Contact tracing continues, and it is being done by regions; it is being done by primary care facilities. What I do know is that even if somebody gets sick, you have to find a replacement,” she explained.