Harper criticizes Health Minister for “unfortunate” comments

Elisabeth Harper
Elisabeth Harper

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Prime Ministerial Candidate of the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C), Elisabeth Harper has joined with many others in condemning the verbal attack on women’s rights activist, Sherlina Nageer by PPP/C Candidate and Minister of Health, Dr Bheri Ramsaran.

In a Facebook Post, Harper, who has vowed to represent women issues said: “The comments made by Minister Ramsaran were unfortunate and regrettable. He has since acknowledged this and has apologised. As a woman, but more so a human being with conscience, I share the sentiments of many that this has revealed that we have to do much more to secure the full respect for the rights of our women particularly what women stand for and how they should be seen.”

Health Minister, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran.
Health Minister, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran.

She noted that as Guyana progress as a nation she hopes that all actions and utterances will be made with wisdom and respect for all.




  1. once u say the so called activist acted out of line and is a disgrace to decent women all over the world u ent getting in on inews…

  2. Well, persistence provocation can make even a pet dog bite you.
    Comes to mind.
    You need to visit City Hall.
    Ms Sooba was ridiculed, shamed disrespected and you name it.
    The culture of men disrespecting women and women behaving badly with dressing and lewd dancing and low moral values is a Guyanese sickness.
    If we need to condemn, lets do it across the Board.
    We cannot choose when to act blind and when to point the finger.

  3. Where real democracy prevails, the lewd and abrasive comments/ threats made by the health minister would merit immediate dismissal or voluntary resignation. Which leaves me wondering, if he was ready to slap the young lady “…just for fun,” what would his action be if he’s threaten or angry?

  4. I’m apaled that he thought of physically abusing the young lady “….just for fun.” I wonder what the result would be if he got angry?

  5. De man ent give a proppa apology!!! its not eve an apology!!! he is sorry for being caught on tape…for being exposed for the uncouth, uncivilized, crab-dog that he is!!! he is not sorry for abusing and threatening the woman…not one bit. They continues to think that all Guyanese are stupid…we will see what will happen when the get voted out once and for all.

  6. Many folks are wondering whether these condemnations by these top PPP/C ladies of the action of their colleague would have come, had this not been a General and Local Government Elections time.

  7. Just look at the face of that ‘beri-beri’ man in the photo above! In a Bollywood movie, he would certainly be cast as the principal villian.

  8. As a responsible minister he should had known better my suggest is he should be suspend from contesting this up coming election .

  9. Ms Elizabeth you are there to represent women of all kinds. Are you going to use your prime ministerial position and get him out of office. We just don’t want apology we need action for our women of all classes.


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