Harmon no longer representing PNC at Rodney COI

General Secretary of the APNU,Joseph Harmon.

By Kurt Campbell

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Attorney – at – Law and Opposition Parliamentarian Joseph Harmon is no longer representing the interest of the People’s National Congress (PNC)  at the ongoing Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry (COI).

Harmon 2Harmon, this morning, withdrew his representation for the PNC and is now representing the  Ex Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Association which includes former service men and women of the Guyana National Service and the Guyana Peoples Militia.

Harmon observed firstly that his Colleagues Basil Williams and James Bond were more than adequate to represent the interest of the Party.

He explained that he was approached, since the commencement of the inquiry, by several members of the Association for him to represent their interest.

He said concerns were raised by the members, who are scattered across the world, regarding the impact the COI is having, particularly since it is tasked with inquiring into the actions and activities of state agencies, including the GDF, GNS and GPM and the persons in command and superintendents, leading up to Rodney’s 1980 death.

“it is difficult to comprehend the significant impact this is having on the community of former service men who have distinguished themselves and whose credibility not stand to be tarnished by this Commission,” Harmon said.

The former Lieutenant Colonel’s application to represent the Association was accepted without question.

Already, former Army Chief Norman McLean, who is a member of the Association has already taken the stand and is scheduled to return later this week to complete his testimony.

It is very likely that Harmon will be representing him and will call witnesses to testify at the appropriate time.



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