“Happy people don’t kill themselves” …President calls for immediate action to curb rising suicide deaths


“Happy people don’t kill themselves” President David Granger said to stakeholders at the Suicide prevention forum held at the Arthur Chung Convention Center earlier today.


The President was at the time delivering the feature address when he made reference to persons who kill themselves stating that these individuals are seeking to experience the “Kaieteur effect”  and they are “copycats, inspired by the inclination to imitate successful spectacular and staggering deaths”.


President David Granger addressing the gathering
President David Granger addressing the gathering

According to him, these persons commit the act with the hope of attracting attention both nationally and internationally.


He noted that one Guyanese kills himself/herself every two days and with this in mind, he posited that the strategy for reducing this scourge must provide for coordinated approaches which should be supported by a practical implementation plan which is built on four pillars. The first of which is investigation and research.


A section of the gathering at the event
A section of the gathering at the event

President Granger emphasised that the time is ripe for Guyana to take action so as to prevent further deaths by suicide acts and reverse the country’s reputation of being the “suicide capital of the world”.


It was further stated that in most cases, suicide is premeditated and not an act which is hastily done.


 “It requires careful calculation, a cool head and steady nerves…suicide is not the solution, it remains a seductively sparking symbol of an easy exit from depression and despair. Every suicide should be seen as unhappiness,” President Granger added.




  1. Mr President the majority of Guyanese people are not happy but are in distress with what going on in our country.Some of them prefer to end their life rather than to live in the present circumstances.They need a caring Gov’t and not one that is making their lives miserable each day that pass.So take note!


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