Hanoman ditches Rodney COI over absence of contract

Glen Hanoman

By Jomo Paul

Glen Hanoman
Glen Hanoman

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Lead State Counsel for the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry Glen Hanoman says he is not inclined to appear at the Monday July 27th sitting of the Commission in the absence of a renewed contract between him and the government.

In a letter dispatched to the principals of the COI, Hanoman stated that he is in no position to contribute to the upcoming session given that his last contract has expired.

“My contract expired several months ago and in spite of my persistent inquiries there has been no indication that there is a desire to retain me to act as counsel to the Commission. In the circumstances, I do not have locus standi to appear as counsel for the Commission at the next session. I wish to thank all for the guidance and memorable moments,” Hanoman stated in the letter obtained by iNews.

When contacted, Hanoman made it clear that should the APNU+AFC government seek to renew his contract, he would be willing to work to the finality of the Commission but he is not willing to make himself a “fool.”

“Because the contracts were usually three months contract and since there was a change of government and nobody has contacted me, I am convinced that the people at the Office of the President don’t wish to rehire me to be the Commission’s counsel,” Hanoman told iNews during a telephone interview on Friday, July 24.

He explained that the government is well aware that his contract expired since he made it known to them several weeks ago. The Counsel indicated that the Administrator for the Rodney COI, Hugh Denbow has also been informed of the issue.

“I have been sending texts and emails countlessly and they haven’t had the courtesy to respond to me, not once…there has been no communications. I have not been consulted on any of these things that are going on right now,” he told iNews.

“I want to finish the job off in the right way…I am not going to make an appearance. As a lawyer I know that I don’t have a valid contract. I am not going to make myself a fool to have somebody tell me that I have no authority to be here,” he added.



  1. Dear Glen,
    On behalf of the other half of Guyana that knows better, thanks for finally coming to your senses. This was supposed to be a fact-finding exercise to provide closure, but it morphed into a costly political circus, and none is the wider for it.
    Tell the Commissioners to enjoy the taxpayers’ money, having already enjoyed a year-long plus vacation in Guyana. They are probably more convinced now than ever that Guyana is special case.


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