GWI not responsible for Paramakatoi water supply



PK children fetching water[] – The Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) says the water supply system which serves Paramakatoi is under the purview of the local administration.

In a statement, the Company said that t it does not have a presence in that Region and the responsibility for operation and management of the water infrastructure lies with the local authorities. The water company explained that after it was contacted about the water disruptions affecting the community approximately one month ago, a team was dispatched to assess the situation and provide technical assistance to the local administration.

During the GWI visit, a number of observations were made and shared with the local administration. GWI noted that a sealant to assist with the repair of the tank is being imported and repair works would be undertaken shortly.PK-students-225x300

The Alliance for Change (AFC) recently called on the Government to immediately fix the well in that region. According to the AFC, the children at the school Dormitory were reportedly forced to trudge with five gallon bottles of water on their shoulders so that the kitchen can have water to use.



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