GWI appealing for country-wide conservation of water


The Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) today indicated that, as a result of the prolonged dry season, changes have been observed with regard to the capacity of the East Demerara Water Conservancy (EDWC). As such, citizens across the country are advised to immediately commence measures to conserve on the use of water. This is with particular emphasis to citizens of Georgetown.

GWI is therefore urging that citizens of Georgetown become part of the process of reducing the amount of water utilised. The company therefore recommends that the following measures be implemented immediately:
• Citizens are asked to check all internal plumbing for leaks (including toilet cisterns, taps, etc.)

• Reduce the amount of times in which you wash your car, equipment, etc, with water supplied by GWI

• desist from washing concrete surfaces (such as your yard or bridge) with water provided by GWI

• immediately install ‘flow-valves’ in water tanks to prevent overflows

• Contact GWI immediately to report leaks detected in your community on 227-8701, 227-8703 or 227-8704

Further, GWI is appealing to the heads and administrative staff of all schools, health facilities, hotels, food entities, etc, to ensure that all internal plumbing is operating correctly and to repair any leaks or prevent any wastage.

In particular, GWI is appealing to all fast food entities, hotels and restaurants to efficiently manage the use of water.

Citizens are also asked to note that conservation is also a security measure to ensure that adequate water supply is available in the event of a fire. Hence, it is imperative that every citizen implement conservation measures immediately.

GWI also advises that while citizens may experience a decrease in the levels of service provided, changes will not be made to the hours of delivery or the quality of service provided.

GWI, in collaboration with the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) is currently monitoring the levels of the EDWC with the aim of implementing a series of activities which will seek to address the current situation.

The company has intensified the monitoring of all distribution networks for leaks and breakages and is therefore appealing to all citizens to immediately report any leaks within their communities.



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