GuySuCo Training Centre at Port Mourant to be upgraded



The decades-old GuySuCo Training Centre-Port Mourant (GTC-PM) is to be upgraded. This is according to President Dr Irfaan Ali.

The Head of State made the announcement last Friday while commissioning the Guyana Technical Training College Inc, but stopped short of saying what the upgrades would entail.

GTC-PM was founded in 1957 by Booker Sugar Estates as the premier technical and vocational school in Guyana and the Caribbean. Ever since, attendance has been overwhelming, and to date, more than 3400 young persons have been trained through the school’s apprenticeship scheme.

Meanwhile, the Head of State said that the sugar industry would be mechanised to make it modern.

“The next couple of years of investment is critical in building a competitive and profitable sugar industry here in Guyana and I assure you that we are going to build a competitive and profitable sugar industry,” President Ali promised.

He pointed out that the human resource asset is an important aspect of the plans ahead. Hence, the need for GTC-PM to be upgraded.
“Sugar workers must know that we are going to invest in them to upskill their competency and transform them into skilled operators and workers that would take up their salaries.

“We want them to earn better, we want them to have a better life, a more honourable life, a more dignified life and we will do so by investing in training, upskilling, retooling and bringing into the modernised frame of what the industry would look like,” the President stated.

The GTC-PM apprenticeship scheme is recognised as the most successful in Guyana, with the majority of graduates progressing into skilled and supervisory positions in GuySuCo after a period of consolidation in their jobs on completion of their apprenticeship.

GTC-PM offers a comprehensive training curriculum that is not only beneficial for apprentices in specialised fields, but those with technical skills.

The institution boasts to have moulded craftsmen and craftswomen, engineers, managers and entrepreneurs of a high calibre who continue to contribute significantly to the economy of Guyana, the Caribbean, and further afield.

GTC-PM has a 100 per cent pass rate at the Guyana Technical Education Examination.